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Fishy business

Tuesday August 11, 2015  | 1:27 PM  words: 151

World's first certified organic fish oil from Viridian Nutrition.

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Shaun Higgs, you are an OUTLAW!

Thursday August 6, 2015  | 10:11 AM  words: 64

Viridian team member is an Outlaw Ironman Triathlon medal-winner.

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Harnessing the power of a dog's nose

Monday August 3, 2015  | 4:42 PM  words: 751

Why does Viridian Nutrition support Medical Detection Dogs charity?

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Why does Viridian support the Monkey Sanctuary?

Monday July 20, 2015  | 12:20 PM  words: 453

Viridian Nutrition has donated more than £9000 worth of nutritional supplements to the Monkey Sanctuary since 2007.

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"Cherry Night gives me much better quality of sleep"

Monday July 20, 2015  | 9:55 AM  words: 203

Cherry Night article by Sarah Stacey in You magazine, Mail on Sunday.

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Are herbal supplements dangerous and unregulated?

Thursday July 16, 2015  | 11:10 AM  words: 912

How do pharmaceuticals, herbal drugs and herbal supplements vary in quality and regulation, a Viridian Nutrition view...

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GM technology - the public do not trust the BBC.

Thursday July 9, 2015  | 11:27 AM  words: 1357

BBC pro-GM bias. Viridian Nutrition shares a Beyond GM survey.

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12 stores that are changing the health of London

Monday June 8, 2015  | 4:44 PM  words: 1101

Plan to visit all these London health stores.

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Top make-up artist recommends Viridian's Ultimate Beauty Organic Rose Oil.

Wednesday May 27, 2015  | 10:01 AM  words: 323

Organic Ultimate Beauty Rose Oil gets top make-up artist review. "Truly amazing, everyone should have it."

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Viridian Nutrition wins 'Best Marketing Campaign 2015' award.

Wednesday May 27, 2015  | 9:37 AM  words: 169

The '' marketing campaign from Viridian Nutrition was judged by a panel of experts to be the best marketing activity of the year 2015.

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