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independent review of health food store

Monday April 13, 2015  | 9:18 AM  words: 198

Top blogger, Fifi Friendly reviews her local independent health food store and discusses the initiative from Viridian Nutrition.

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Organic is significantly different to non-organic

Wednesday April 8, 2015  | 3:05 PM  words: 222

Organic crops, on average, have higher concentrations of antioxidants, lower concentrations of cadmium and a lower incidence of pesticide residues than non-organic says a new research paper published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

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Good digestion powered by Synbiotic ProCare

Tuesday March 24, 2015  | 11:03 AM  words: 134

Top blogger explains how running can affect digestion, and how Synbiotic ProCare from Viridian Nutrition can help.

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The Life Class launches 'Be Your Own Life Coach'

Friday March 13, 2015  | 3:20 PM  words: 314

Viridian Nutrition encourages a holistic approach to optimum health - caring for mind, body and spirit. Here, we introduce you to The Life Class, a programme for a happier life designed by Jacqueline Hurst.

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Support Aimee at the Silverstone Half-Marathon for UNICEF

Tuesday February 17, 2015  | 12:52 PM  words: 453

Viridian Nutrition ambassador for the charity UNICEF, runs to raise money for Syria.

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'Digestion' by the Medicinal Chef, Dale Pinnock

Tuesday February 17, 2015  | 12:26 PM  words: 295

BOOK REVIEW : ‘Digestion’ by Dale Pinnock, the Medicinal Chef is published by Quadrille Publishing, February 2015, £14.99. Also available from specialist health food stores.

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‘The Digestive Health Solution’ by Benjamin Brown

Tuesday February 17, 2015  | 11:54 AM  words: 285

BOOK REVIEW : ‘The Digestive Health Solution’ by Benjamin Brown is published by Exisle Publishing, £14.95. Available from specialist health food stores.

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Oregon Grape in the news

Thursday February 5, 2015  | 10:55 AM  words: 202

Oregon Grape Root from Viridian Nutrition

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Thursday January 8, 2015  | 10:53 AM  words: 102

Vacancy for a Sales Representative for the North West of England at Viridian Nutrition.

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Technical Services Assistant

Thursday January 8, 2015  | 10:41 AM  words: 202

Vacancy in the Technical Services department based in Daventry, Northamptonshire.

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