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Organic stores helping London to better health

Tuesday November 3, 2015  | 9:13 AM  words: 286

Planet Organic and As Nature Intended open new stores in central London. Viridian Nutrition showcases range in both.

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Cherries support a good night's sleep

Monday November 2, 2015  | 12:57 PM  words: 282

Science supports an intake of Cherries for a peaceful night's sleep.

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Suffering from poor sleep quality?

Monday November 2, 2015  | 12:49 PM  words: 306

Nutritional support for a good night's sleep.

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Celebrating Living Wage Week

Wednesday October 28, 2015  | 4:50 PM  words: 338

Encouraging all companies to become Living Wage employers.

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Why we support the Living Wage

Wednesday October 28, 2015  | 4:46 PM  words: 208

Staff care, commitment and retention is high at Viridian Nutrition, and the Living Wage is part of that success.

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The fish oil that doesn't taste fishy

Tuesday October 27, 2015  | 4:27 PM  words: 507

Would you buy a piece of fish that smelled 'fishy'?

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At last a non-fishy fish oil

Tuesday October 27, 2015  | 4:24 PM  words: 486

After taking your usual fish oil supplement, do you 'burp' a fish taste and smell? - not pleasant is it.

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Fish oil taste guarantee

Tuesday October 27, 2015  | 4:19 PM  words: 157

Our Organic Scandinavian Rainbow Trout Oil tastes great, or your money back.

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Organic fish oil - it's the eco-friendly alternative

Friday October 2, 2015  | 1:47 PM  words: 156

Organic fish oil is the eco-friendlier choice compared to conventional fish oil supplements.

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How are conventional fish oils made?

Friday October 2, 2015  | 1:36 PM  words: 98

Conventional fish oil production vs organic fish oil harvesting, a Viridian Nutrition investigation.

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