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'Anxiety & Depression' by Dale Pinnock, the Medicinal Chef - a book review

Friday October 21, 2016

Losing a loved one, going through separation, a threat of a job loss or other difficult situations can lead a person to experience feelings of sadness, nervousness or loneliness.

When these feelings make it difficult to continue to function day-to-day, it can be a sign of depression, anxiety or other mental health disorder.

In his new book ‘Anxiety & Depression’ Dale Pinnock, The Medicinal Chef, gives hope to sufferers with these conditions in the latest of his Eat Your Way to Better Health Series.

Pinnock believes that food can be a major contributing factor in causing depression, anxiety and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) but at the same it’s a ‘valid, effect, safe and affordable part of the treatment protocol.’ He says if the brain and nervous system is adequately nourished, then it will function to its best ability.

His book explores the relationship between the mind and the body and discusses the key nutrients in mental health and best food sources and blood sugar management. The latter he believes is an ‘overlooked’ nutritional aspect to mental health.

As part of the guide, there’s a whole wide range of recipes packed with nutrients to accommodate a variety of tastes. They range from ‘steak with mashed peas, green beans and courgettes’ to ‘fish pie’ and ‘chocolate-coated energy bars’ all created to give readers a feel-good factor. A plus point is that the ingredients are readily available in most supermarkets.

The author believes that by exerting some control over the diet and lifestyle, sufferers can exert some control over the condition.

‘Anxiety & Depression’ is part of a wider series of books written by the Medicinal Chef: ‘Digestion’, ‘Heart Disease’ and ‘Diabetes’.

Pinnock is the pre-eminent voice in eating for good health. He has degrees in Nutrition and Herbal Medicine and a Masters in Nutritional Medicine.

He has also worked as a chef and know the importance of using affordable, accessible ingredients in his recipes.

‘Anxiety & Depression’ by Dale Pinnock, the Medicinal Chef (143pg hardback) is published by Quadrille Publishing, at £14.99. It is also available from specialist health food stores.


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