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Health store helps flower conservation charity to bloom

Monday May 8, 2017
Health store helps flower conservation charity to bloom

A charity dedicated to conserving Britain’s wild blooms has been given a funding boost thanks to London-based health store Applejacks.

Staff at the store in Stratford Shopping Centre nominated Plantlife as their preferred charity in Viridian Nutrition’s Charity Donation Programme because of their love of the countryside.


Robert Stevenson, Applejack’s manager said: “We like to support different charities and it was actually our instore nutritionist Nikki Faulkner who recommended Plantlife. We both enjoy hiking and being in the outdoors and believe it’s import to conserve the beautiful countryside, so nominating Plantlife in Viridian’s Charity Donation Programme made sense.”


Each year, Viridian Nutrition sends a voting form to health store stockists and asks them to nominate their favourite charities. The only stipulation is that 40% goes to children’s charities and 40% to environmental charities, 20% can then go to a combination of other charities.  All charities must be properly registered and we check they have no involvement in animal research.


To date, the charity donation programme has donated over £250,000 to charities including Friends of the Earth, NSPCC, Woodland Trust, UNICEF, The Princes, Trust, and more. 


Plantlife is a British conservation charity working nationally and internationally to save threatened wild flowers, plants and fungi. It owns nearly 4,500 acres of nature reserve across England, Scotland and Wales where visitors can find over 80% of the UK’s wild flowers. The charity received £250 from Viridian’s donation programme.




Michael Krause, Director of Development at Plantlife, said: “We’re delighted that the staff at Applejacks have chosen to support Plantlife and the UK’s wild plants. This will help our work to protect plants which might disappear from our countryside and bring natural colour back into people’s lives” 

To find out more about Plantlife, or to make a donation, visit:
For Applejacks Health Store, visit


Plant photos courtesy of Plantlife.


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