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Nurture Yourself and the Environment – Plate Up for the Planet!

Thursday July 27, 2017
Nurture Yourself and the Environment – Plate Up for the Planet!

As part of a series of guest blogs, we’ve invited The Vegan Society to discuss their latest campaign – Plate up for the Planet, which challenges people to try a vegan diet and see the positive effect on the environment. Not only are 93% of Viridian Nutrition’s nutritional supplements suitable for vegans but we’re committed to green business practices by reducing the environmental impact of transporting ingredients around the world and recycling. Viridian would like encourage people to sign up to the challenge and see the impact they can make to the planet collectively.

Guest blog by The Vegan Society

We know that as a loyal customer of Viridian Nutrition you care about your body. By choosing their ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products, you’re also demonstrating a clear commitment to sustainability. But have you thought about how the food you eat could be contributing to the way our climate is changing? It turns out that one of the biggest effects your day to day life may be having on our environment could be being literally handed to you on a plate.   




Put simply, the global livestock industry generates as much greenhouse gas as all transport combined. All those transatlantic flights, short hops across the channel, long commutes and school runs, all are outweighed by the meat and two veg approach most people take to meal times. This is exacerbated by the fact that animal agriculture is the world’s biggest producer of methane, a far more powerful greenhouse gas than the much maligned CO2.

But the problem goes beyond emissions. Meat eating is inefficient, wasteful and, in 2017, completely unnecessary. We find ourselves in the bizarre situation where for every 100 calories we feed to animals, we only receive 12 calories back from meat and dairy. By feeding ourselves with those crops directly, we could feed billions more people around the globe. Plenty of people in the UK have already made this obvious link. There are now half a million vegans in the UK, up 260% over the past ten years. And we want many more people – particularly those already committed to being more environmentally aware in other aspects of their life – to join us. 

That’s why we’ve launched the biggest campaign in The Vegan Society’s history. “Plate up for the Planet” challenges people up and down the UK to try a vegan diet for seven days. We’ll send them recipe ideas, hints and tips, as well as a greenhouse gas comparison for the different dietary options to show just what a positive effect they are having on their own carbon footprint.



At the end of the seven days we hope many of them will go on to continue eating a delicious and nutritious, low carbon, vegan diet. We’re delighted to already have support from environmental luminaries such as Caroline Lucas MP, star of TV’s “Tribe” Bruce Parry, and Eden Project founder Sir Tim Smit, and we’ll be popping up at festivals throughout the summer to spread the word. 


With your help we can contribute to nurturing our planet for years to come – so join us, and Plate up for the Planet!


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