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Channel 4 News films at Viridian Nutrition

Monday January 9, 2017
Channel 4 News films at Viridian Nutrition

We were delighted to welcome the Channel 4 News team to Viridian Nutrition.

The TV crew arrived on Thursday 5th January and spent several hours filming scenes featuring our nutritional supplements.  

Founder Cheryl Thallon was interviewed by Business Editor Siobhan Kennedy on her views on the British economy and the future direction of the leading ethical supplements company.  

The interview was in relation to a Quarterly Economic Survey published by the British Chambers of Commerce which represents UK business interests.

The three-and-a-half minute interview was broadcast on Channel 4 News later that evening.

Viridian Nutrition is very grateful to Channel 4 News for giving us the opportunity to appear on national TV.

To watch the clip, click on the following link:


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