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Viridian Nutrition's Clear Skin Programme takes inspiration from nutritionist Dale Pinnock's cookbook

Monday July 17, 2017


A new supplement programme has been devised by the experts at Viridian Nutrition, taking inspiration from The Clear Skin Cookbook by nutritionist/herbalist Dale Pinnock.


Clear Skin Complex is a specifically formulated blend of targeted botanicals, key minerals, fat-soluble antioxidant carotenoids in a base of digestion-boosting probiotics, Clear Skin Complex Veg Caps offers hope to those looking for a clear, fresh, blemish-free skin. 


Botanicals : Burdock root & Gotu kola.

Minerals: Selenium, & Zinc.

Fat soluble antioxidants (carotenoids): Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Beta carotene & Astaxanthin.

Probiotics: Lactobacilus acidophilus, Lactobacilus bulgaricus & Bifido bacterium.


Organic Clear Skin Omega Oil is a blend of omega-3 dominant essential fatty acids provided by specially selected seed oils and certified by the Soil Association as organically grown. Includes Flax seed oil, Perilla seed oil, Avocado oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Argan oil, Rosehip seed oil, Sea buckthorn oil, Pomegranate seed oil, Blackcurrant seed oil and Elderberry seed oil. Delicious drissled over your favourite foods, or simply taken off the spoon.


For more about the Clear Skin Complex, click here

For more about the 100% Organic Clear Skin Omega Oil, click here 


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