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The Fuel Food Cookbook

The Fuel Food Cookbook

OM01Oliver McCabe£17.99


The Fuel Food Cookbook is more than just a collection of recipes. Author and Chef Oliver McCabe sets out the cornerstones of nutrition and provides over 100 recipes for health food that doesn’t cost the earth – food that won’t have you stressing out over complex recipes and ingredients. Each recipe is marked with the allergens it contains, as an easy-to-follow guide for those with food allergies.

This book brings healthy wholefoods back to basics and is packed with simple, flavoursome recipes for all kinds of meals and snacks, from juices and smoothies to substantial breakfast and brunch dishes, soups, dinners and all kinds of sweet treats that you can actually feel virtuous about enjoying!

Having worked in wholefood and vegetarian cafes around the world, in 2001 Oliver returned to help run the family business, Select Stores in Dalkey, Ireland. Since 2004 he has transformed it into a dynamic health food store, selling a large range of organic produce, healthy foods, skincare and household products alongside a juice bar and wholefood café. It now includes Fuel Food, a fresh wholefood kitchen and deli, and the food he produces there is the inspiration for this book.

Oliver McCabe grew up in Dalkey. In 2007 he graduated with a diploma in Diet & Nutrition from the Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health. He has contributed to the Irish Independent, Easy Health Magazine, Irish Parent Magazine and The Farmers Journal, and features regularly on television and radio.

Select Stores has been awarded ‘Best Wholefood Shop’ by Bridgestone’s and Sally & John McKenna’s Guides, and is included in The Irish Times Top 10 Best Shops in Ireland 2015/2016 and’s Top 10 healthiest cafes/delis in Dublin.

Select Stores is a key stockist of the Viridian Nutrition range in Ireland. The Fuel Food Cookbook, by Oliver McCabe (255pg hardback) is published by Mercier Press Cookery, 2016, £17.99. Also available from specialist health food stores.


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