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Viridian T Shirt

Viridian T Shirt


Organic and ethically made Viridian Nutrition T-shirt with ‘Sex Vitamins & Rock n Roll’ to raise awareness and funds for drug and alcohol rehabilitation charity Focus 12.

This independent charity is a community based residential treatment centre in Suffolk providing  drug and alcohol rehabilitation for adults. It offers a safe supportive environment to explore and practice recovery with the goal of living in an abstinent lifestyle.


The T-shirt by EarthPositive, experts in climate neutral clothing, is made from organic cotton and created with a minimum environmental footprint. EarthPositive are members of Fair Wear Foundation(FWF), a non-profit organisation, which exists to promote fair labour conditions in the textile industry worldwide. By affiliating to FWF, EarthPositive has committed to implementing and maintaining a Code of Conduct designed specifically for the garment industry.


The Code of Conduct incorporates the following eight labour standards:

1) No use of child labour 
2) No use of forced labour 
3) Safe and healthy working conditions 
4) Legal labour contract 
5) Payment of a living wage 
6) Freedom of Association and the right to collective bargaining
7) No discrimination against employees 
8) No excessive hours of work 


EarthPositive guarantee that it does not use cotton from Uzbekistan while the use of forced child labour is endemic. This follows the recommendations of the Environmental Justice Foundation ‘Clean Cotton Campaign’. The complete traceability of certified organic cotton allows EarthPositive to make this guarantee.


This T-shirt is available in S, M, L and XL.


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