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Welcome! We know that all websites work differently, so we hope this little guide will help you feel at home with us and answer your questions.

Special Notice: Services between Thursday 28th April and Tuesday 3rd May:

  • From 4pm, Thursday 28th April, to 10pm, Friday 29th April 2022 - our website will not take orders, but you can browse supplements, read our blog and find a health store near to you.
  • Orders placed between 10pm, Friday 29th April, and midnight, Tuesday 3rd May, will be dispatched from 4th May. Click here for further details

You can Download the full guide here or click the links below to take you to each section:


searching and ordering delivery
product information general enquiries
viridian customer accounts troubleshooting guide
payment viridian stockists

searching and ordering


Q: How can I order?


A: You can order easily using our online platform.


Products can be found by

  • Using the search bar at the top of the page.
  • Browsing the ‘Shop for Health’ menu (tip: click ‘more’ to extend the menu.

When you find a product you need, you can add it to your shopping basket.


When you are ready to proceed to payment, click on your Basket, and follow the guided steps.


Q: Why can’t I add products to my basket?


A: If a product will not add to your shopping basket, it may temporarily be out of stock. Very occasionally, Viridian may also conduct website updates, in which case the 'add to basket' button will be absent.

  • Products that are out of stock will not show a Qty number, nor the ‘add’ button.
  • Products that use natural and organic ingredients can be affected by harvesting times:
    • Please bear with us – sometimes nature takes a little longer to be ready!
    • We welcome you to ask our expert nutritionists about alternatives:
  • Many Health Food Stores that stock Viridian products also have an online service for postage, delivery and collection. You can search for stores in your area here 

Q: I am having problems searching for products, what shall I do?

A: For advice in products that will help you for specific conditions, or in combination with other medications, please seek the advice of a healthcare professional.

More information can be found at your nearest health store, and further advice is available on our FAQ page.

If you have chosen your products using the tips under ‘How can I order’ but the buttons do not respond, it may be that your internet connection is unusually slow:

  • Are you shopping at ‘peak times’? It may be worth trying a little later in the day to avoid the “traffic jams”.
  • Check with your internet service provider whether there are any problems in your network area – especially during periods of high internet usage.
  • Try ‘refreshing’ your browser: Press F5 on your keyboard, or click the ‘recycle’ button in your browser search bar.
  • Consider using a different device (especially, try swapping between a Desktop/laptop and your mobile phone).

If you continue to have problems, please contact our customer care team.

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product information

Q. How can I find out more about Viridian Products?

A: Advice is available on our website and through our product support team:


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viridian customer accounts

Q: Do I need to have a Viridian Account to place an order?

A: The quick answer is no – but the choice is always yours:


  • It is easy to create an account at any point before or during the checkout process. If you would like to create an account, please refer to “How do I create a Viridian account?”
  • You can also checkout as a ‘Guest’, one time, or every time that you shop with us.
    • Click on ‘checkout now’ when you have finished shopping.
    • Choose the ‘guest checkout’ button.
    • You will need to supply an email address so that we can communicate with you about your order, but it will not be used for marketing purposes.

Q: How do I create a Viridian account, or log in to my existing account?

A: You can do this before or during the checkout process – so if you’ve started towards making a payment, don’t worry, we’ll catch you up!


To log in, or to create a new account before checkout:

  • Click the ‘my account’ link (you will find it near the shopping basket).
    • Existing customers will see the option to log in now.
  • If you are a new customer: enter your email address and choose a password.
    • You will need to enter your password twice, exactly the same.
    • Your password needs to be at least 6 characters.
      • We recommend you combine Upper and lowercase characters, and at least one number.
  • Click register.

To log in during checkout (existing customers)

To create an account during checkout:

  • When you go to pay for your item, choose ‘create account and checkout’.
    • The first part of the Billing Address form will ask you to supply an email address and create a password for your account.
  • Next fill in your billing and shipping addresses (they can be the same, or different).
  • Press ‘continue’ to proceed to payment.


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Q: How do I retrieve or change the password for my Viridian account?

A: Click the ‘my account’ link (you will find it near the shopping basket)

  • Put your username into the box under ‘returning customers’
    • Your User Name will be your email address.
  • Click the link just below the “log in” button: “forgot Username or Password”.
  • Check the email address is spelled correctly.
  • Click “next” - and watch out for an email to help you reset your password.


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Q: I think I have a Viridian account – how do I check?

A: To check your account status, follow the steps as if you have ‘forgotten’ your username or password:


Click the ‘my account’ link (you will find it near the shopping basket).


Put your username and Password into the boxes under ‘returning customers’.

  • If you are an existing customer, your User Name will be your email address.
  • If you have forgotten your password, don’t worry – click the link just below the “log in” button and watch out for an email to help you reset it.
    • If you see a message saying “The given email address is not registered.” – check your spelling (is it .com or, for instance?) and click ‘next’
    • If the email address is spelled correctly and you receive the same message – you do not have a recognised Viridian account yet (question answered!).
    • If you would like to create or renew an account with us, please follow the steps under “How do I create a Viridian account?”

If you are using a brand new email address, for data protection purposes we will treat you as a new customer. Don’t worry: just follow the steps under “How do I create a Viridian account?”

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Q: How do I close my Viridian Account?

A: You are not obliged to notify us if you start using a different email address, so please don’t feel you have to! However, if you no longer need your Viridian Account, or have started a new one and wish to ‘clean up’ email addresses you have used previously, we’ve tried to make things easy for you:

  • Email the Customer Care team using the email address that goes with the account you want cancelled.
  • Include the message ‘please disable the Viridian account associated with this email address’.

For data protection reasons we cannot automatically close an account if you communicate from a different email address to the one associated with your account.

  • Please note that further proofs of identity may be required in this instance.
  • If you simply wish to use a new email address, don’t worry – you can just stop using the old one and start fresh.

If you have any other questions about managing or closing your Viridian account, we welcome you to contact our customer care team.

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Q: How do you make sure my personal details are secure?

A: Your privacy and security are important to us and are protected by a number of processes.

  • All your inputs on our website are confidential and are then sent to using secure data encryption software. This means that all data input on our site is coded and can only be decoded by us, using a security technique that is unique to
  • You can tell that the pages you are using are secure, because the text in the address bar will change from being http:// to https://. You will also see a padlock symbol or a key appear in the bottom bar of your web page.
  • As an extra security measure, your credit card details will not be retained on our servers after your transaction has completed. This explains why you are asked to re-enter your card details each time you purchase anything from the site.
  • Your account records are held under GDPR privacy standards. For more information, please consult our privacy policy.

If you have any questions about ordering online we welcome you to contact our customer care team.



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Q: How can I pay for my order?

A: We offer a secure, encrypted payment system which accepts Credit or Debit cards. You will be prompted to fill in the details during the checkout process.

Q: What should I do if the payment is not accepted?

A: Global Banking systems have tightened up security to protect you from Fraud. Our secure payment system works in conjunction with your Bank’s security checks:

  • Check that your name is entered exactly as it is on your credit or debit card.
    • N.B your debit card ‘name’ and your credit card ‘name’ are sometimes very slightly different – have you mixed and matched by mistake?
  • Ensure that your billing address is entered exactly as it appears on your bank statements for that card.

If you have checked all details and the payment is still not accepted, please verify your account balance.


If everything is as it should be, but you still can't make the payment, please contact to notify us about the problem.

To ensure your security and comply with GDPR, you will need to contact us from the same email address you have used during the checkout process.



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Q: Do you deliver to my country?

A: In addition to the UK and Ireland, Viridian delivers to many countries across the globe. In some overseas destinations there will be a local stockist for your region, who can deliver supplements and offer personalised support in local languages.


  • Visit the Store Locator to discover Viridian’s international partners around the world.
  • If your country does not appear on the International Store Locator, you will be able to order from the Viridian web shop instead*.
  • For further details about international deliveries, please contact the Viridian international helpdesk.


*Please note, Viridian is unable to deliver to Russia.

Q: What is the shipping time?

A: Viridian’s Working Days are Monday to Friday. Orders are shipped during the Hours of 9am to 4pm. Delivery will be made as soon as possible after your order is accepted (for UK deliveries usually this will be 1-3 working days).


Please take note of any special notices at the top of this page, and/or in our Blog.

  • Orders placed after 4pm on a Friday through to 9am on a Monday will be processed during normal Working Hours.
  • Standard UK orders (up to value of £100) will be delivered by Royal Mail Mon-Fri and/or according to their guidelines.
  • If you are placing an order of value over £100 for Standard Delivery, it will be delivered in normal Working Hours.
    • Orders of this type are usually delivered by UPS, who do not deliver on weekends.
    • Guaranteed UK Next Day delivery is available for an additional charge.
      • The cut-off time to select Guaranteed delivery is 4pm each Working Day.
      • Please note: Viridian does not provide Guaranteed deliveries on weekends or holidays.
      • For orders placed while Viridian's offices are closed, the order will be shipped on the next available Working Day.
        • Example: an order placed on a Sunday of a Bank-Holiday weekend will be shipped on the next available Working Day, i.e. Tuesday. An order placed on Sunday with Guaranteed UK Next Day delivery therefore would arrive on Wednesday in this example.
    • Delivery to European destinations takes approximately 3 to 5 business days. The cost of your delivery will be calculated during the shipping process according to the volume and weight of your order.
    • Delivery to other overseas destinations takes approximately 5 to 7 business days. The cost of your delivery will be calculated during the shipping process according to the volume and weight of your order.

Delivery estimates are provided on a best-effort basis. Parcel carriers may be unable to fulfil delivery as quickly during times of peak demand or exceptional circumstances.

If delivery time of your order is critical, please contact our customer care team before placing your order: 01327 878050.

Additional information about shipping and delivery is available in our Terms & Conditions

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Q: How much will it cost me to ship my parcel? 

A: Shipping costs are variable depending on the contents of the order, destination address and delivery preference.


  • An ex-VAT shipping price estimate can be calculated in the ‘my basket’ page of the Viridian website.
  • To generate the estimate: add all order items, select the destination country, and click ‘Calculate’.
  • Total shipping costs including VAT (where applicable) are shown on the Checkout page of the website before proceeding to payment.
    • For UK Delivery, standard or Next Day options can be chosen from the drop-down ‘Select shipping method’ during checkout.
      • VAT will be added to the Order Summary on the Payment page.
      • Please check the total order cost including shipping and VAT before entering payment details.
    • For delivery overseas, a standard shipping rate applies.
      • Shipping cost will vary by the weight of total order.
      • UK VAT will not be applied for overseas deliveries.
      • Customs and handling charges may be applied by your local authorities.
      • Viridian is not responsible for paying any local charges in the country of delivery.

    Additional information about shipping and delivery is available in our Terms & Conditions

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    Q: Can I track my order?

    A: When your order is shipped you will receive an email confirmation with a Tracking number.

    • If your total order value is under £100, your order will usually be carried by Royal Mail and can be tracked on their website.  
    • If your total order value is over £100, your order will usually be carried by UPS and can be tracked on their website.  
      • UPS do not make deliveries to home address on Saturday – please bear this in mind when creating your order.
      • The UPS website can be found here:

    For more information, please contact our Customer Care team.



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    Q: How can I change a delivery address?

    A: You can add or change delivery addresses before or during Checkout. If you need to change a delivery address after completing an order, please go immediately to After you have placed an order’.

    Change Delivery address - Before Checkout (existing customers):

    • Sign in to ‘my account’ using the link near the shopping basket.
    • Under Home / Account / Profile choose ‘address book’.
    • Click ‘edit’ to change your current billing address.
    • Alternatively, click ‘new’ to add an additional shipping address.

    Change Delivery address - During Checkout (existing or new customers):

    • Under the billing address section choose ‘ship to a different address’ and add the details where prompted.

    Change Delivery address - After you have placed an order:

    You can edit and add information using the “my account” link at any time, but it will not automatically update any orders you have already placed.

    • If you have placed an order, and realise afterwards the shipping address is incorrect please contact as soon as possible to notify us about the problem. 
    • Please quote your order number (you will find it in your confirmation of order email).
    • For your security, you will need to contact us from the email address associated with your account.

    Although we will do our best to support you, our system processes your request automatically and we cannot guarantee to adjust your order before it wings its way to your original shipping address.


    If you have any other questions about adding or changing Delivery address, please contact our Customer Care team.   


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    Q:Is there a minimum order requirement?

    A: Viridian does not set a minimum order value for deliveries, but there is a minimum order value for Free UK delivery.

    • Minimum spend for free shipping within UK mainland is currently £35 (effective from 3rd February 2021)
      • This limit is subject to periodic review and may be changed without special notice at Viridian’s discretion.

    Additional information about shipping and delivery is available here

    Do you add VAT or Customs Charges?

    A: Within the UK, standard VAT is applied at the going rate, but for orders outside the UK, all VAT charges will be removed where applicable.

    • If ordering for delivery to a UK address: the price shown on the Viridian Nutrition website includes standard VAT for supplements: no additional VAT will be added during checkout to the cost of products you purchase*.
      • *There is an additional VAT charge applied to the delivery element of your order only. The final calculation can be seen in Order Summary before entering payment details.
    • If ordering for delivery to overseas destinations: the price shown on the Viridian Nutrition website includes standard UK VAT for supplements – this charge will be deducted during the checkout process to qualifying delivery destinations. The final calculation will be shown in the order summary before completing payment.
      • Please note you may need to pay customs and handling charges on delivery, according to the guidelines set by your national government.

    Additional information about shipping and delivery is available here

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    general enquiries

    Q: What are your terms and conditions?

    A: You can see our terms and conditions here: 


    Q: What is your privacy policy (also known as GDPR)?

    A: You can find our privacy policy here: 

    Q: Who can I ask about your products?

    A: You can find out more on our Frequently Asked Questions, which also provides contact details for our product support team: 


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    troubleshooting guide

    Q: I’m finding the Viridian Shop a bit slow or unresponsive, what should I do?

    A: Sometimes web shops are slow because the whole national internet is simply overloaded, but there are some things you can try:

    • Look at your web-browser’s ‘loading icon’ – the internet may be a little slower than usual at the moment.
      • get a drink, do some armchair-exercises, or make a call while you wait.
    • Try refreshing your computer’s connection with the website:
      • Press the F5 button on your keyboard.
      • Try the ‘Recycle’ button in your browser search bar.
    • Choose a different time to do your shopping – perhaps when everyone else will be eating their dinner.
    • Try switching your device off and then back on. This can refresh your devices’ connection with the internet.
    • Try switching between a desktop computer, laptop or tablet to a Mobile Phone based service (or vice-versa): this will create a new network connection with the internet.
    • Contact your Internet Service Provider and find out if there are any ‘traffic jams’ in your area.

    If all else fails, contact our Customer Care team for more support.


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    I’m having trouble with my email address / username or password – what do I do?

    A: Sometimes a full stop in the wrong place or a ‘helpful’ feature of the device you are using will cause an unexpected error. Here are some simple steps that may help overcome these issues.

    Troubleshooting Usernames and email addresses:

    1. Click on “My Account” at the top of the web page.
    2. Log in to your account as a “Returning Customer” with your usual credentials.
    3. Once logged in your screen will show “Home / Account”.
      • Underneath there is a line showing “Orders”, “Profile”, “Address book”.
      • Please click on “Profile”
    4. You have the choice to change your “User Name”, your “Email Address”, or your “Current Password”.
      • Please note – we do not recommend that you change Username/Email Address AND Current Password at the same time.
      • Please set your email address to the new one you would like to use.
      • If you would like your username to be the same as your email address, you can also change that now, or at a different time.
    5. Enter your current password in the box titled “Current Password”.
      • NB: when you go to put in your current password, please check whether your keyboard is set to Caps Lock on.
      • Please do not simultaneously attempt to change to a New Password at this stage – let’s test that your new username / email address is working correctly first.
      • Click “Update”(green button).
      • You Should see a box pop up that says “Confirmation – Your profile has been updated”.
    6. Please now click “logout” at the top of your screen, then log back in to check whether your new profile settings have taken effect as you would like.
      • Once logged in, if you wish to update your password you can do so under the Profile settings by following steps 1-4 above.
      • You can also change your password by following the steps in our Support Guide

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    Troubleshooting Passwords:

    1. Please check your Caps Lock is set correctly for your password characters.
    2. If you are using a separate Number Pad, check whether Number Lock is on or off.
    3. Did you include any Special Characters in your password (!, @, #, $, £)?
      • Different keyboards have different layouts (‘Character maps’) – check whether your fingers are ‘tapping the usual keys’, but the keyboard is laid out differently to the one you usually use.
      • Check each key you tap is correct, and that you are using Numbers, Shift or Caps Lock as required.

    If you use a Password Manager

    Password Managers can be excellent and are highly reliable on the whole - but nothing is 100% perfect, so they sometimes manage to get out of sync with a particular website.

    If you use a Password Manager and the Viridian Website does not recognise your password:

    1. Lookup the plain-text version of your password and type it in yourself.
    2. If 1 fails – follow the steps to Reset your Password.
      • Take note of what your new password is.
      • Remember to Update your Password Manager with the new credentials.
    3. You can now try again, using either your Password Manager, or by entering the password manually on your keyboard.

    If all else fails, please contact our Customer Care team for more support.


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    viridian stockists


    Q. How can I find a Viridian stockist or my nearest health store?

    A. We are delighted to direct you towards the helpful advice from a health professional at your nearest health store!

    To find stockists in Ireland or further afield, please check the links for Ireland and International above the search bar.


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    go to viridian shop 


    Last updated:April 2021 

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