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BOOK REVIEW: 'Digestion' by Dale Pinnock, the Medicinal Chef

Monday January 25, 2016

‘Digestion’ by Dale Pinnock, the Medicinal Chef – book review



Dale Pinnock is something of a tv phenomenon, and could be described as the healthy woman’s celebrity chef; Think - Jamie Oliver meets Brian Cox.


A tanned and healthy young chef with an education in nutritional science and passion for cooking, Dale creates tasty dishes featuring nutrient-rich ingredients which have proven properties for the relief of specific health complaints – hence the epithet ‘Medicinal Chef’.


For instance, the chapter ‘Recipes to Ease Bloating’ includes peppermint as an ingredient, describing mint as “probably the most effective and widely documented carminative of them all”. It’s true, the powerful oils in peppermint interact with receptors in the gut wall that cause muscular relaxation, thus easing bloating and other digestive disorders. 


‘Digestion’ is part of a wider series of books written by the Medicinal Chef: ‘Diabetes’, ‘Heart Disease’ and ‘Anxiety & Depression’.


Including specific ingredients into each meal can have a profound effect on specific health complaints.


Opening chapters describe the digestive system and what can go wrong; irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), bloating, reflux and constipation. Key therapeutic ingredients are detailed, followed by planned recipes. 


Dale has the knack of translating heavy-duty technical research into easy-to-digest sound-bites, making ‘Digestion’ a helpful book for the newly diagnosed and for those looking to widen their healthy recipe portfolio.


Dale is trained in both Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, and whilst studying he worked as a wholefood chef. 

He regularly features in national press, and appears regularly on national tv and radio, including ‘This Morning’ on ITV.



‘Digestion’ by Dale Pinnock, the Medicinal Chef (143pg hardback) is published by Quadrille Publishing, February 2015, £14.99. Also available from specialist health food stores.



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