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BOOK REVIEW: The Clear Skin Cookbook

Monday September 17, 2018
BOOK REVIEW: The Clear Skin Cookbook

Celebrity Chef Dale Pinnock never rests on his laurels. This new follow up to his 2016 edition of the Clear Skin Cookbook has been fully updated and revised, and is packed with information about the science behind the delicious recipes. 

Having struggled with poor skin himself, Dale Pinnock can empathise with thousands of teenagers and adults around the UK who suffer with skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis. As the UK’s original Medicinal Chef, he explains how what we eat affects our skin, offering tasty and healthy solutions to improve its condition, leaving you glowing with radiance.

In this varied and inspiring guide to healthy eating, readers can enjoy food bursting with flavour and taste and simultaneously enjoy the benefits. These simple and delicious recipes are packed with the vital vitamins and minerals that we all need to maintain healthy skin. Eating a healthy balanced diet and taking inspiration from his cookbook can help combat the most persistent skin conditions.

With mouth-watering recipes for breakfasts, soups, starters, main dishes, deserts and snacks, The Clear Skin Cookbook will be your key to a healthy living that will leave you feeling fresh-faced and hungry for more.

The Clear Skin Cookbook is the inspiration behind two supplements from vitamin experts Viridian Nutrition. Clear Skin Complex and Organic Clear Skin Oil are rich in the nutrients and botanicals supportive of the underlying health of blemish-free skin - together with Dale's Clear Skin Cookbook comprising the award-winning 60 Day Clear Skin Programme.

About the author:

Dale Pinnock is frequently sought out by the UK media for his detailed in-depth knowledge of the fields of Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Phytonutrients and has presented the popular series 'Eat Shop Save'. He regularly appears in the press, alongside appearances on radio and TV. He is trained and qualified in both Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, which he studied at the University of Westminster. 

Cooking from the tender age of four, Dale is passionate about the impact of diet on human health: "Dale has no belief in the idea of ‘alternatives’ to conventional treatment at all. His approach is in no way meant to be a replacement for the treatment that individuals would get from their doctor, and he works directly with many GP’s, specialists, and academics in the healthcare field. 

We now know enough about food and nutrition, and its effects upon the body in both health and disease, to know that it can be a very valid tool in the healthcare picture, and in the prevention of disease. Dale’s work aims to give individuals tools and information that they can easily and safely implement into their daily regime, no matter what type of treatment they are undergoing. The food we eat is one part of the healthcare picture, and thankfully one that we have ultimate control over."

The Clear Skin Cookbook can also be found in specialist health food stores.


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