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BOOK REVIEW: The Digestive Health Solution by Ben Brown

Monday January 25, 2016

‘The Digestive Health Solution’ by Benjamin Brown - book review.


When Australian naturopath Ben Brown was struck down with a stomach bug while travelling in North Africa, it began not only a long and painful personal health journey, but also inspired him to write an extraordinarily effective self-help book.

‘The Digestive Health Solution’ (published by Exisle Books) is the result of five years labour, pulling together dietary and lifestyle tips that really work, and interweaving data from pure research into irritable bowel syndrome from the top universities, scientists and researchers.

Definitely not a coffee table health book – there’s way too much belching, wind and diarrhoea for that, but this is a genuinely good read, accessible, intelligent and, above all, practical. If it’s possible to describe a health book as a real page-turner, this is it. The Five-Steps to Great Gut Health chapter has the potential to change readers’ lives and for those suffering with digestive disorders, diagnosed - or undiagnosed - IBS, ‘The Digestive Health Solution’ is a must.

With one in four UK citizens with a digestive health issue, ‘The Digestive Health Solution’ is heading for the best-sellers list.

Benjamin Brown is a brilliant young Australian naturopath resident in the UK, a vivid writer and an in-demand speaker. He teaches nutritional medicine and contributes regularly to industry magazines and scientific journals. In the digestive health area Ben is ‘the man’. He specialises in plain English solutions that come from science. Ben Brown is Technical Director at Viridian Nutrition.

‘The Digestive Health Solution’ by Benjamin Brown (230pg paperback) is published by Exisle Publishing, February, 2015, £14.95. Also available from specialist health food stores.



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