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Charity Donation Programme - making a difference to the Wildlife Rescue & Animal Service - Enfield

Wednesday December 14, 2016
Charity Donation Programme - making a difference to the Wildlife Rescue & Animal Service - Enfield

The Wildlife Rescue & Animal Service - Enfield (WRAS) has received a funding boost after being nominated by The Village Wholefood Store as their chosen cause in our Viridian Nutrition Charity Donation Programme.

Animal lover and owner Jill Simpson of the Enfield-based health food community shop chose their local WRAS because of its dedication to helping sick and injured wild animals and birds in North London and parts of Hertfordshire and Essex.

WRAS has been running since the 1980s and is the only wildlife hospital in the North London area. It has a fully equipped veterinary treatment room, supported by a veterinary surgeon. The rescue centre received £250 under our charity donation programme to help fund its work.

Jill said: “The rescue centre is local to the shop, based at Trent Park and animal welfare is a subject which I and many people in the area feel strongly about. We’re part surrounding by the Green Belt and because of our closeness to the countryside, many animals are rescued by our local WRAS.

“The work that founder Barry Smitherson and his wife June does at WRAS is amazing and we’re lucky to have someone like him to run the animal welfare centre.”

Barry said: “We rely on donations as that’s the only way our organisation can survive so we’re really grateful to the Village Wholefood Store and to Viridian Nutrition for the funding.”

Here at Viridian Nutrition, each year, we send a voting form to all our health store stockists and ask them to nominate and vote for their favourite charities. The only stipulation is that 40% goes to children’s charities and 40% to environmental charities, 20% can then go to a combination of other charities.

All charities must be properly registered and we check they have no involvement in animal research.

So far, our charity donation programme has donated over £250,000 to charities including Friends of the Earth, NSPCC, Woodland Trust, UNICEF, The Princes, Trust, Comic Relief, RSPB, Terrence Higgins Trust, Shelter, the Woodland Trust, Save the Children and more.

Jill said: “Health Food customers are often very environmentally aware and I urge health food shops to nominate a charity close to their own and their customer's hearts in the Viridian Nutrition Charity Donation Programme.”

To find out more about WRAS - Enfield, or to make a donation, visit:

or The Village Wholefood Store, visit:


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