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Viridian Nutrition helps plant the Queen's Jubilee Woods

Friday March 29, 2013

A crowning achievement 6 million trees for you Ma’am 
Woodland Trust celebrates 6 million trees and hundreds of new woods for Britain
On Wednesday the 27th March, HRH The Princess Royal planted the 6 millionth tree* of the Woodland Trust’s Jubilee Woods campaign, signalling the final successful milestone in the charity’s biggest ever tree planting project.

The 6 million trees have resulted in the creation of hundreds of new woods across the UK totalling 5000 hectares or 12355 acres, the equivalent tree cover of three times the size of all the Royal Parks in London. This includes 3,770 ha in new woods and 1237 ha through the thousands of free Community Tree Packs distributed by the Trust to schools, councils and communities across the country.

Given that the total planting figure for the entire UK in 2012 was 12000 ha, this is a huge achievement for the Trust, demonstrating the charity’s commitment to increasing native woodland cover. 

Not only has the Trust planted 6 million trees but millions of people, communities, schools, and landowners have been inspired to take part in the project.

The project in numbers:
• 1 (500 acre) flagship Diamond Woodland 
• 60 special Diamond Woods created of over 60 acres each
• 400 smaller Jubilee Woods (over an acre)
• 3,500 communities provided with free Jubilee tree packs
• 40,000 schools provided with free tree packs - of 60 trees
• Millions of people

Sue Holden Chief Executive, Woodland Trust said: “What makes this project special is that so many different organisations and landowners have joined forces with the Trust to help improve the environment and pay a special tribute to Her Majesty The Queen. By working together we have ensured the wooded environment across Britain will be transformed for years to come.”

“The UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe, with only 13 per cent woodland cover, so it’s all the more important to plant trees and create woods. The Woodland Trust has the ambitious aim of doubling woodland cover by 2050. We need action across whole landscapes, creating a vibrant network of different habitats, leading to healthy, functioning ecosystems.  This means creating new areas of habitat around our most valuable sites.  It means protecting and conserving existing valuable habitats, such as our continued work to tackle tree disease and pests, and it means restoring damaged habitats, Jubilee Woods has been part of this holistic approach. “
Viridian Nutrition is proud to have been a supporter of the Jubilee Woods project, donating £2700 in 2012.
Cheryl Thallon, founder and MD at Viridian Nutrition, said: "The Viridian Nutrition Charity Donation Programme has a commitment to children's and environmental charities. Thanks to the loyal support of our customers, we are able to make donations to a wide range of charities in the UK and overseas."

But it’s not over. Our trees need help. The success of planting 6 million trees shows what can be achieved when people work together. Planting and protecting trees is even more important now as native woodland is facing unprecedented threats from pest and diseases like ash dieback and the increasing pressure of development. Only by inspiring a Nation to love woods and trees can we secure and safeguard this wonderful natural habitat for future generations.

Support the Woodland Trust click here.


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