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Back to school with ViridiKid Multi & Omega Oil

Tuesday September 3, 2013

Mummy blogger at 'Mother Wife Me' blog, reviews ViridiKid Multi and ViridiKid Omega Oil from Viridian Nutrition.

On ViridiKid Multi...
"Of course it’s hard to measure the benefits of giving a child a multivit. An overall good level of heath and wellbeing will be the marker over an extended period of time. But for now, I feel really happy to continue giving (my child) this supplement, it doesn’t contain anything that I wouldn’t want her to have and it gives me peace of mind that she’s getting a good range of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis."

On ViridiKid Omega Oil...
"As with the multivit, it’s hard to gauge how this is benefiting (my child). But I’ve read enough information to say that Omega oil is a great for children’s developing brains and that’s good enough for me.I also like the fact it is not a fish oil.  So, I will be continuing on with this supplement."

Read the full review.

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