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Viridian Nutrition wins Platinum Awards for mums and kids products.

Thursday October 20, 2011
Viridian Nutrition wins Platinum Awards for mums and kids products.

From 594,634 in 2001 to 723,165 in 2010, the birth rate in England & Wales has increased by 22% in less than a decade. That’s nearly 2000 new babies born every day!

So we are delighted that we have picked up two significant awards that relate to such a growth area – and one that is so important to the health of the nation.

The winners of the very first ‘Janey Loves 2011 Platinum Awards’ have been announced by author and BBC broadcaster, Janey Lee Grace.
After detailed scrutiny by Janey, and her panel of experts, Viridian Nutrition has been awarded ‘Best Children’s Supplement’ for ViridiKid Multivitamin & Mineral Mini Caps, and ‘Best Pregnancy Supplement’ for Pregnancy Complex Veg Caps.

Pregnant mums need optimum nutrition to not only to sustain their baby’s health, but also to ensure they don’t suffer from malnutrition and postnatal baby blues.

The National Diet and Nutrition Survey collects cross-sectional survey data every 10 years and most recently has found that while the diet of UK children appears to have improved in recent years., intakes of several key nutrients remain below dietary recommendations. It notes that the diets of UK children are particularly lacking in fruit and vegetables, oily fish and fibre.
Children over 11 years would be expected to reach close to the adult target of 400g/day of fruit and vegetables, but the survey found average consumption of 200g/day in 15 to 18 year olds, and 170-190g/day in younger children.

It is therefore critical for the development of the brain and other organs that optimum nutrition is reached with a good quality multivitamin supplement.

Janey tells us: “There was some seriously stiff competition in these categories and I am delighted to announce that Viridian Nutrition has been successful. Our parent testers loved the fact that ViridiKid Multivitamin & Mineral contained no sugar, sweeteners or fillers, great for kids 2 to 14. We found Pregnancy Complex Veg Caps to be a great supplement for pregnancy and postnatal, best of all it’s vegan and kosher."
We say, take ViridiKid Multivitamin & Mineral alongside ViridiKid Organic Omega 3 Oil for optimum nutrition.
Take Pregnancy Complex alongside Viridian Organic Pregnancy Oil to ensure an ideal intake of all the building blocks for mum and baby.

As a mum of four, Janey has personal knowledge and experience of the needs of pregnancy and children. It’s wonderful to be honoured in this way. Thanks Janey!

Details of all winners have been broadcast through Janey Lee Grace’s 30,000 blog/website subscribers.


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