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Ban pesticide that threatens bees and our future

Tuesday March 29, 2022

Viridian Nutrition joins the mission to end the use of Neonicotinoids

Stop the decline of bee species. Ethical vitamin company Viridian Nutrition is supporting an open letter, calling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a total ban on a bee-killing neonicotinoid on crops.

The Government lifted its ban, in January, on the use of Cruiser SB (thiamethoxam), a specific type of pesticide used in outdoor farming as an emergency measure to control the spread of a virus.

Activists at Number 10


The open letter, delivered to 10 Down Street on Friday 25 March, instead requests the Government ensure the use of non-toxic alternatives and nature-friendly pest management solutions to protect the future of bee species and other pollinators.

Kinder to the World

The petition aligns with Viridian’s philosophy of being Kinder to the World, and respecting everyone who lives on the planet. Bees are vital for pollination, which is essential for the food we need to survive and for plants that provide habitats for wildlife. They are crucial for maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Viridian is a strong advocate of the organic movement, choosing where possible to grow its ingredients organically without the use of chemicals such as pesticides, opting for sustainable practices which are in harmony with the natural environment and surrounding wildlife.

The open letter has been co-ordinated by Anabel Kindersley, co-owner of Neal’s Yard Remedies, where Viridian is among more than 50 signatories.

Cheryl Thallon, Managing Director and Founder of Viridian, said: "The UK has the opportunity to lead the world in eco action, but instead we risk becoming the "dirty man of Europe" once again. Viridian Nutrition is proud to stand alongside Neal’s Yard Remedies in this campaign to speak up for the humble bee."

A Call to Action for Bees


A call for action to the Government

The letter states: “The Government’s decision to reintroduce the pesticide in the case of the sugar beet crop to control virus-spreading aphids goes directly against the guidance of Government expert advisors, who recommended the application be refused due to the unacceptable risks to bees and other pollinators.

"The weight of scientific evidence, which informed the bans across the UK and EU, shows that, in addition to being destructive to pollinators, neonics also damage rivers, contaminate the environment through soil and groundwater, and play a direct role in the dramatic decline of our precious bee species."

The petition also asks help for farmers to transition from using neonics to sustainable replacements.

A total ban on neonicotinoids

The letter states: “As a collective of environmentally conscious businesses and organisations, we are doing our part. Now, we are calling on the Government to implement a total ban on neonicotinoids in the UK under any circumstance.

"Ignoring the long-term effects of pesticides has grave and permanent consequences. Furthermore, granting their use works directly against the Government’s own legal requirement to halt species loss by 2030, as set out in the Environment Act in 2021."

Anabel, along with, Jayn Sterland (Sustainable Beauty Coalition chair and Weleda UK MD), Millie Kendall OBE (British Beauty Council CEO), Rob Percival (Soil Association) and Lucy Siegle (environmental writer and broadcaster) hand-delivered the letter to Downing Street.

How you can help

Sign Greenpeace UK’s petition to press the government to enforce a total ban on bee-killing pesticides: Click here

Sign Friend of the Earth’s ‘Shape the future of our countryside’ petition, pushing the environment secretary for a clear plan to reduce the use of pesticides and make the countryside a safer place for wildlife:  Click here

Head over to Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s website to learn all the ways you can make your local area more bee-friendly: Click here


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