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Viridian at the forefront of ethics

Sunday January 17, 2021
Viridian at the forefront of ethics

TWENTY-ONE years on, vitamin company Viridian Nutrition is still at the forefront of ethics, probing sensitive areas within the industry including excessive packaging, animal testing and palm oil provenance.

The Good Shopping Guide has named Viridian in its top scoring socially responsible firms for ethical vitamins (again!).

In a world of increasing consumerism, the independent guide aims to better inform the public, particularly conscious shoppers of ethical companies and products and see the impact of their spending habits beyond the marketing buzzwords.

An in-depth audit into Viridian’s practices behind the scenes resulted in the UK firm being awarded full Ethical Accreditation. Viridian retained its Ethical Company Index score of 100 – the highest possible marks, for the fourth consecutive year.

The Ethical Company Organisation (ECO) scores companies against stringent ethical criteria in product sectors. For the Vitamins Ethical Rankings, researchers reviewed factors ranging from environmental impact, organics and genetic modification to animal welfare and vegetarian/vegan ingredients.

The results are published on the ECO’s ethical brand comparison site, which helps shoppers identify eco-friendly and ethical products and show the company’s performance in the ethical research rankings.

Look for the Ethical Company/Award logos

Companies who have gained full Ethical Accreditation and been recognised as an Ethical Company can use the ECO’s logos to demonstrate their ethical commitment and show it has been verified independently. 

The Ethical Company Organisation’s Research & Editorial Director William Sankey, said:
“Ethical Accreditation rewards ethical companies showing a strong commitment to sustainability - these companies have passed an in-depth ethical audit allowing them to display our Ethical Company and Ethical Award logos to communicate their independently verified ethical status to consumers and business partners alike.

Ethical vitamin company, Viridian, is one of only a handful of brands featured on our brand comparison site, The Good Shopping Guide, receiving a top-ranking Ethical Company Index score of 100 – reflecting the company’s long-standing commitment to the planet, animals and people.”

Viridian Nutrition’s founder and MD Cheryl Thallon, said: “We’re thrilled to once again be recognised by the ECO and achieve the highest possible score. Our founding principles of purity, charity and environment ensure everything we do is fully considered from the seed to the recycling bank. But that doesn’t mean we’re finished, Viridian is always looking for ways to improve and pioneer change to a healthier happier future.

“By digging deeper into the ethics within the supplement sector, Viridian aims to help specialist health food stores further enhance their point of difference when compare with mass market outlets for supplements.”

The Full Report

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