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Viridian values: from the seed to the recycling bank

Friday April 22, 2011



Viridian Nutrition is committed to green business practices, valuing the importance of a minimum footprint on the earth. More than 40% of the Viridian Nutrition range is certified organic by the Soil Association, guaranteeing the provenance and eco-friendliness of the ingredients.


At Viridian, we believe the health of the planet and the health of the individual are inextricably linked. Growing organically, avoiding the use of potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals – and having the 100% non-GMO guarantee – offers the best chance of long-term good health to people and to the planet.

There are a number of nutritional products now available in the UK that using the term ‘organic’ as a brand name or fancy name, or that claim organic status without certification, but you can only be sure a product is truly organically grown if the product is certified by a reputable regulatory body such as the Soil Association.

All the Viridian fresh organic tinctures and ointments are grown and traditionally made in the UK, reducing the environmental impact of transporting ingredients around the world.

Our capsules and organic nutritional oils are produced in the UK, creating local jobs.


We use minimum packaging for our products, all made from recycled or recyclable materials, from our glass bottles to the recycled cardboard shipping boxes. We take responsibility for our packaging, too, offering a 25p refund for bottles returned to the health store where purchased. 

The Viridian philosophy:






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