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Why Choose Viridian Nutrition?

Monday August 17, 2020
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Purity of ingredients is at the heart of ethical vitamin company Viridian Nutrition.


Founded in 1999, Viridian Nutrition was set on on two fundamental principles: to develop a range of food supplements with the highest possible ethical standards and to generate significant funds for charities.


Watch the video as Viridian’s Director of Nutrition Aimee Benbow explains our approach from the seed to the recycling bank.


Our 220+ award-winning range includes vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, nutritional oils, tinctures and balms.


We guarantee:

  • non-GM
  • non-irradiated
  • non-animal testing
  • 100% active ingredients
  • no nasty additives whatsoever

No added sugars, no colourings or artificial flavourings makes our products as clean and pure as they can be. We are also committed to green business practices, valuing the importance of a minimum footprint on the earth.


With more than 75 products in the range certified organic by the Soil Association, this accreditation further enhances the provenance, sustainable sourcing and eco-friendliness of the ingredients.


Viridian is proud to be the first supplement company to be certified palm oil free and we are repeatedly named in the Good Shopping Guide securing top marks for our ethics.


As a big-hearted company, the Viridian Nutrition Charity Donation Programme has donated more than £390,000 to a selection of predominantly children’s and environmental charities. 


Viridian is available in your local specialist health store. To find your nearest one, visit:

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