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Monday April 13, 2015

You already know that Viridian loves health food stores - goodness knows we are forever writing about their virtues and expertise and encouraging you to visit your local store - well, this time we have a blogger who, now she has visited a health store in her area, is even more of an evangelist for health store shopping than we are.
 "I saw a link to the website which is owned by Viridian and decided to give it a go. Believe it or not this clever idea lets you search for your local independent health store.... see what they did there!"
"Today, I took a trip to visit one of these stores - Good Food in Morningside, Edinburgh. This is such an adorable store. Within minutes of speaking to the lovely owner, Carin, I could tell she was not only lovely but super passionate about her products and I knew that I was about to get some great advice."



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