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Shop local, says Cheryl Thallon at Viridian Nutrition

Monday July 1, 2013

“Get outdoors to shop local and get your daily dose of vitamin D - the sunshine vitamin helps boost mood and overall health,” says Cheryl Thallon, founder and managing director at Viridian Nutrition.

“Making connections and friendships with local people and shopkeepers builds a feeling of community and deep roots – this is what we all need, to feel part of a bigger picture. Many people feel isolated, perhaps living alone, and to have your hand held in a local independent store can make a world of difference.

Your local independent health food store for instance offers a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, a knowledgeable mind and a caring heart – you won’t find that online!

I remember a health food store owner telling me that he had chatted with an elderly customer for 10 minutes and held her hand while walking her to the door, she turned and said to him “You are the first person who has touched me in the four years since my husband died, thank you.”

That really stayed with me, and I feel very strongly about the importance of independent local businesses not just for the economy but for the health and wellbeing of communities."

July is Independent Retailer Month, pop into your local shops and help to keep them buzzing and viable.

Photo caption: Cheryl Thallon and daughter Holly.


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