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Why I love shopping in Independent Health Food Stores, by Janey Lee Grace.

Tuesday January 31, 2012

Guest blogger Janey Lee Grace, author and BBC Radio Two broadcaster, shares her love of health food stores.
“When we moved house a couple of years ago one of my criteria for location was to be near a health food store.  It’s so important to have easy access on the high street to high quality ethical brands and best of all to be able to tap into the extensive knowledge that the majority of shop managers and staff have.  We’ve all heard the edict ‘Think global act local’ and so I believe it’s really important to save on fuel costs and stay local, supporting the independent stores in your area.   It’s tough for many in the current climate and while big supermarkets may offer lower prices you’ll find a really big range in health stores and some great personalised advice, not to mention recommendations for local practitioners and wellbeing events.
Of course as health conscious individuals we should all be baking our own wheat and gluten free products, and whizzing up our own face masks, but often being time stretched we just need to pop out and buy natural toothpaste and moisturiser, a new organic lipstick, and some organic humus or ready sprouted seeds to liven up a sandwich or a salad.

Perhaps if we all ate unprocessed foods and copious amounts of fresh fruit and veg there would be no need for supplementation of vitamins and minerals, but in reality we don’t,  and in any case the soil is compromised so as an ‘imperfectly natural’ mum 

I do take supplements daily and try and sneak some into my children’s diets also. The problem is, the huge array of bottles can be completely overwhelming but that’s where the personal service comes in.  Many health shop owners are extremely knowledgeable and many suppliers train them well to be able to assist customers with special requirements.

I particularly like the Viridian Nutrition supplements, I was already using their Echinacea, Milk Thistle and Organic Ultimate Beauty Oil, but recently, concerned about probiotics for my children, a health shop owner was able to recommend the Children’s Synbiotic Powder which I now use for my little girl (I was recommended to pop it into some milk or yogurt and so far it’s not even been detected – sssh don’t tell her).   
The kids love coming with me to the health store because invariably I bow to pressure and treat them to Organic Ice Pops or Sesame Halva,  but that’s pleasurable compared to the tantrums that occur when we’re at the supermarket checkout with e-numbers and all manner of rubbish enticing them as we wait.

A friend recently found her fibromyalgia pain was getting worse and the prescription medication she was taking wasn’t effective (cue for the Verve song ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’!) and she was seeking another solution. Her local health shop owner was able to recommend a programme of dietary advice and supplements. Taking his advice my friend  found that in days her pain had reduced and she was sleeping better.

I’m known for being passionate about ditching the chemicals in your life and using only 100 per cent natural products, and if you can support an independent local store you’ll feel better for it.“


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