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A year in review – an interview with Viridian’s founder

Friday March 12, 2021
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Viridian Nutrition’s founder and MD Cheryl Thallon discusses the importance of Health Food Stores on public health – in a live interview.

In her reflections on the past 12 months, Cheryl highlights the role health food stores have undertaken on the frontline supporting their local communities with care, advice and knowledge on staying healthy, with a growing number connecting with GPs.

Health Food Stores are a community resource that can advise on interventions such as diet, physical exercise, sleep management and stress management. This lifestyle ‘medicine’ can substantially reduce the risk of disease and lessen the burden of an illness.

Reflecting on the past year: ‘I’m very proud to be part of that movement that is supporting everyone.”
She adds: “Our industry has had a role to play in supporting people and their immune system through the winter and through this period. I think for the future, there is a lot of positivity because people have recognised the role Health Food Stores have, GPs are talking to Health Food Stores more and directing people there for vitamin D.”


Viridian Nutrition MD Cheryl Thallon

Cheryl was the inaugural guest speaker in the newly launched Natural Products Meets...a 30-minute interview by Natural & Organic Products Europe(NPE), supporters of the natural products industry.

Hosted by Carol Dunning, NPE event director, Cheryl discusses how the ethical supplement company has adapted during the ongoing pandemic.

Other topics include the challenges and opportunities of Brexit and social prescribing, with questions and answers from the audience.

To watch the full interview online visit: Natural Products Meets Cheryl Thallon



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