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Lemon Balm Lip Nurse – FAQ

Monday November 9, 2020

What is Viridian Nutrition’s Lemon Balm Lip Nurse? How many times a day should I apply this? How long can I use the lip balm for? Your questions are answered by Viridian Nutrition’s senior Nutritionist Jenny Carson in our helpful Lemon Balm Lip Nurse FAQ.

What is Viridian’s Organic Lip Nurse?

The Organic Lip Nurse is a blend of natural oils, essential oils and beeswax.  The lip balm formula is designed to improve the appearance of the lips.  The natural oils and essential oils have the reputation of soothing and calming. The Organic Lip Nurse can be applied daily as necessary.

How is Organic Lip Nurse made?

Viridian’s Lemon Balm Lip Nurse is produced using:

  • Fresh UK grown herbs harvested and extracted in the fresh state to maintain the active compounds.
  • Soil Association certified Organic.  This means that all the ingredients were raised without the use of chemicals that damage the environment and wildlife.
  • 100% natural ingredients.  The formula does not use excipients.
  • The base ingredients include Organic Cocoa Butter and Organic Beeswax.


Does it contain any artificial colours?

Viridian’s Organic Lip Nurse, along with our other supplements contain 100% active ingredients and no binders or fillers.  The supplements are non-GM, non-irradiated with no added sugars, artificial colours, or artificial flavourings. They are palm-oil free and never-animal tested, making them as pure as they can be.  

Is Viridian’s Lip Nurse natural?

The Organic Lip Nurse is produced naturally.  The herbs are raised in the UK and harvested by hand.  Additionally, the lip balm is produced in the UK.

No chemicals or chemical processes are used to make the Organic Lip Nurse.

How much should I apply?

Research suggests applying a balm enriched with Lemon Balm Essential oil, such as the Organic Lip Nurse, four times daily may confer beneficial results.

When during the day should I apply Organic Lip Nurse?

The Organic Lip Nurse can be applied throughout the day as and when the lips require calming or soothing.

Can I use the Organic Lip Nurse if my lips are sore, tingling and inflamed?

The Organic Lip Nurse can be used if the lips are feeling sore, tingly or inflamed.  Organic Lemon Balm essential oil is revered for its calming effects.  The Organic Lip Nurse partners up with the L-Lysine supplement.

When will I start to see/feel results?

Time to perceived benefits is different for each person.  However, the studies that reported benefits did so by the second day of application.  The study ran for 5 days.

If you have any questions or concerns speak to your healthcare practitioner.

How long can I Lemon Balm Lip Nurse for?

As the Organic Lip Nurse is a topical preparation it can be used daily as needed.  The formula should be used within 6 months of opening and disposed of thereafter.

Can I use too much?

A light application up to 4 times each daily is the recommended directions for the Organic Lip Nurse.

At what age can Lemon Balm Lip Nurse be taken?

The Organic Lip Nurse can be used from 2 years onwards.

How should I store Lemon Balm Lip Nurse?

The Organic Lip Nurse should be stored with the cap replaced and in a cool, dark location.  However, should you lips require enhanced soothing pop it in the fridge.

Is it suitable for vegans?

The Organic Lip Nurse contains beeswax and therefore is vegetarian.

Can I use Lemon Balm Lip Nurse alongside other supplements?

The Organic Lip Nurse can be used alongside your regular supplemental regimen.

It makes the perfect partner for the L-Lysine capsules.


If you have a query please speak to your healthcare practitioner or call the Viridian Product Information line on 01327 368333.

Can I use Lemon Balm Lip Nurse during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

The Organic Lip Nurse can be used topically during pregnancy and lactation.

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The information contained in this article is not intended to treat, diagnose or replace the advice of a health practitioner. Please consult a qualified health practitioner if you have a pre-existing health condition or are currently taking medication. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.


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