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Love Your Community, Love Yourself

Sunday June 21, 2020
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Play the video to listen to Viridian's new Love Your Community, Love Yourself radio advert 


Ethical vitamin company Viridian Nutrition is leading a new initiative to encourage people to support public health with its campaign Love Your Community, Love Yourself.

A new radio advert promoting the campaign is being heard across a number of commercial radio stations, spreading the self-care message and raising awareness of Health Food Stores which can help their communities with preventative care.

Health services under pressure


Our fantastic health service is under constant pressure and many doctors agree that preventative care is the best option for both individuals and the service as a whole. Rather than wait to be cured and put strain on the system and our families, taking care in advance by making the right lifestyle choices, keeping fit, healthy, and well-nourished can free up our health services for those who need them most. 

Health Food Stores and preventative care


Viridian is raising awareness of independent Health Food Stores as part of this campaign because they can advise on interventions like diet, physical exercise, sleep management and stress management which all contribute to staying healthy. This lifestyle ‘medicine’ can substantially reduce the risk of disease and lessen the burden of an illness. With over 250 independent Health Food Stores across Ireland working with the Health Food Industry protocol, this resource is ready to educate people and promote health and wellbeing. Ultimately, they are part of the frontline to help prevent problems from happening. 

Love the NHS - Health Food Stores

Love Your Community, Love Yourself


The 30-second radio advert can be heard on a variety of stations and directs listeners to an online resource centre at Here people can find their nearest independent health food store as well as learn about the importance of diet through a series of articles written by Viridian’s qualified expert nutritionists. 

These articles help guide people through the reasons why diet is crucial, what to look out for and also how to support healthy diets with the right supplements.

Viridian will be sharing the Love Your Community, Love Yourself campaign across its social media channels. 

The hashtag #loveHealthloveyourself has been created to encourage people to share their experiences, ideas of small changes they can make and their pledges of how they can keep themselves healthy.


Love community health, Love Yourself


A short video featuring a number of industry experts, authors and familiar faces sharing their love for Health Food Stores will also be used throughout the campaign.

The power to change your health


Viridian Nutrition founder and MD Cheryl Thallon said:“If you love your community, start loving yourself. Lifestyle related health conditions like diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular health are at an all-time high and putting impossible pressure on our healthcare system. You have the power to change that. Diet and lifestyle changes have been shown to save lives and resources.             


“Having someone to hold your hand and walk you through health choices can make a real difference. Your local specialist independent health food store has the time and expertise to get you on the right path – and all the advice and support is free.” 

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