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New Drive on Organic Gardening for Wellness

Friday April 17, 2020
New Drive on Organic Gardening for Wellness

Photo caption: Lorna White (2nd left) and Tom Welch (far right) from Viridian Nutrition with some of the Garden Organic team laying down the foundations for the new organic partnership. 


Ethical vitamin company Viridian Nutrition and Garden Organic, a national charity, have announced a new partnership to help raise awareness of the benefits of organic growing to human health.


It’s well established that gardens are known for being a positive path to health bringing many physical and mental benefits.


Viridian is sponsoring the redevelopment of the charity’s garden, at its headquarters in Ryton, Warwickshire, which will see an area transformed into an inspiration organic demonstration garden and outdoor classroom. The garden will feature more than a dozen of the organic botanicals similar to those used in Viridian’s organic food supplements.


James Campbell, Garden Organic’s Chief Executive, said: “As a charity, we are committed to educating people about organic growing and encourage people of all ages and from all walks of life to get outside and grow organically.


“Likewise, at the heart of Viridian Nutrition is a philosophy that cares for the natural products movement supporting organic growing.


“When complete, the garden will offer a green classroom, many therapeutic plants and an area for contemplation and relaxation. We believe our organic garden at Ryton is the perfect place to demonstrate some of the plants Viridian use in their therapeutic products and supplements.” 


Tom Welch, Viridian’s Marketing Manager, said: “As an ethical supplement company, we believe in sourcing natural ingredients and using sustainable farming methods to guarantee purity and traceability of our nutritional supplements. 


“We have more than 75 organic supplements, topical oils and balms in the range – therefore organic growing is a philosophy close to our heart.  This practice ensures plants are grown free from nasty chemical pesticides and fertilisers –so it’s better for the individual and offers a kinder way to work with the land and with wildlife.”


Tom said: “Viridian Nutrition and Garden Organic share many of the same values, organic growing, education of children and adults to help care for this world, and an ethical approach - making this initiative a natural fit. 


“I’m also pleased to announce that Garden Organic will be a recipient of Viridian’s Charity Donation Programme.” 


Both organisations are delighted and look forward to the year of partnership as well as the opening of the new organic garden.


For more information about Garden Organic visit:


Click here to discover tips for organic gardening. 


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