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Sourcing Viridian’s Organic Acerola Cherry

Monday February 15, 2021

Growing Viridian’s organic acerola cherry in BrazilGrowing Viridian’s organic acerola cherry in Brazil


Responsible sourcing of ingredients which leave a minimal impact on the earth, growing organically and with care are paramount to ethical supplement company Viridian Nutrition. Following the launch of Viridian’s Acerola Cherry Collection, we take a look at the story behind Viridian’s organically grown acerola cherry.

Where is Viridian’s organic acerola cherry grown?

The acerola cherry has the Latin name Malpighia glabra and is also known as the Barbados cherry. Acerola is a type of cherry that grows in the Americas.  Moreover, Brazil is known as the top producer for organic acerola that is grown in a sustainable and forest-protective manner.  


Brazilian farmers using traditional and non-mechanised methods raise the cherries and hand pick the harvest according to ripeness. This environmental method of acerola farming is certified organic by the Soil Association in recognition of the natural farming methods that are chemical free and wildlife friendly.  Bringing organic acerola to the international market has allowed its production to support the local economy and the Amazon based community.

 Harvesting acerola sustainably - Viridian Nutrition

Organic acerola cherry producers grow Viridian’s superfruit using sustainable practices.

When are acerola cherries harvested?

The acerola shrub flowers over the summer months, by which the flowers then form green cherry fruits, over a period of weeks the cherries become orange and once they are a vibrant red, they are ready to harvest.  


The cherries are larger than the cherries that are native to the UK and can measure from 2-4cm in diameter and generally have a tart taste.  The taste is representative of the large vitamin C content which naturally has a tart-sour taste.  In fact, acerola cherries are one of the richest known natural sources of vitamin C.  The fresh fruit can contain up to 4500mg Vitamin C per 100g, which is around 30-50 times than that of orange or lemon.


Nutritional Profile

Acerola cherries may have a high concentration of vitamin C, but it also holds much more in nutritional value. This superfruit contains several phytonutrients that include, carotenoids, phenolics, flavonoids, and anthocyanins, each which possess numerous biofunctional properties.  The fruit also contains pro-vitamin A as carotenoids, vitamins B1, B2, B3, albumin, iron, phosphorus, and calcium as well as phenolic compounds, to name but a few.


Vitamin C is required for immune function, collagen production, carnitine synthesis, which plays a role in transforming fats into energy, and neurotransmitter production.

Overall, acerola is a rich source of potent oxidative quelling nutrients such as vitamin C and phytonutrients.


  Viridian Acerola Collection  


Preservation of the plant nutrients

It is imperative that with this abundance of nutrition that the fruit is prepared in a manner that conserves the plant nutrients.  Thus, freeze drying is a non-chemical method of freezing the fruit and dehydrating it without causing damage to the nutritional content.


This means that the fruit powder will provide the exact amount of nutrients as the freshly picked ripe cherry.  Furthermore, no additives are necessary and so Viridian’s Organic Acerola Cherry C powder when consumed as a supplement is a naturally excipient free, vitamin C rich powder that is the perfect ingredient for smoothies, yogurt or as a topper to breakfast or a snack.


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