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Viridian launches new immune boosting Vitamin C range

Monday February 1, 2021

Viridian Nutrition Vitamin C RangeViridian is delighted to announce the launch of our new Vitamin C range of food supplements. 

The range comprises seven vitamin C rich formulations from naturally sourced ingredients developed by Viridian’s qualified nutritionists.

The advanced formulations include:

Extra C in 550mg and 950mg capsules which feature high potency, clinically tested vitamin C and offer enhanced absorption. 

Vitamin C + Zinc (available as a powder and 500mg capsules) which provides a buffered solution and therefore gentle on the stomach. 

An all-organic fruit-sourced vitamin C collection featuring acerola cherry which is a delicious way to get a natural boost of vitamin C. Sustainably sourced and certified organic by the Soil Association, the fruit sourced supplements include: 

  • Organic Acerola Cherry C powder
  • Organic Acerola Liquid C
  • Viridikid Vitamin C Drop

Vitamin C - an essential nutrient

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for the body contributing to many systems. It is crucial for normal immunity and is required for the normal operation of many structures in the body including, bones, teeth and gums.

It also supports skin by contributing to normal collagen formation and contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Increasing ways to take vitamin C supplements

Viridian’s Director of Nutrition Aimee Benbow, said: “Vitamin C is one of the most recognised nutrients for immunity support. Now more than ever people are prioritising health and searching for clinically researched formulations.  At the same time, awareness of vitamin C to support skin has grown and there has been a shift towards organic options.

“Additionally, the growth in demand from customers for different formats such as liquids and powders, has created the drive to expand our vitamin C range to meet these differing needs.”

Like all Viridian products, the Vitamin C range is developed to deliver purity and efficacy and is fully considered from the seed to the recycling bank. The new Viridian range of seven vitamin C supplements contain 100% active ingredients, no binders or fillers, no sugar or artificial additives. They are non-GMO, non-animal tested and palm-oil free. The supplements are all vegan and suitable for those following a plant-based diet or lifestyle.

More on Viridian’s new Vitamin C range:

Extra C:

Extra C food supplement is a high potency form of vitamin C, clinically researched to deliver enhanced absorption and retention. The addition of lipid metabolites enhances bioavailability, making it more rapidly absorbed and more highly retained by the human body than other traditional forms of vitamin C.


Viridian Extrac C 

The result is an increase in the distribution of vitamin C to the cells helping to deliver optimal levels. This vegan supplement is formulated from natural ingredients with the vitamin C derived via a corn fermentation process (non-GMO). Available as Extra C 550mg and 950mg capsules.

Vitamin C 500mg + Zinc:

Sensitively formulated Vitamin C + Zinc food supplement is a balanced tri-ascorbate blend, with added citrus bioflavonoids, developed to provide support for the immune system. Ascorbic acid, sourced from natural corn is bound with zinc, magnesium and calcium to buffer it and therefore reduce the acidity. This makes it gentler on the stomach. The addition of zinc also supports normal immunity.


Viridian Vitamin C with Zinc

This vegan supplement is available in both capsule and powder form for added flexibility with dosing.  Each capsule provides 500mg of vitamin C. The powder supplies over 1g of vitamin C per serving.

Viridian Vitamin C + Zinc is available in both capsule and powder form for added flexibility with dosing.

Organic Acerola Cherry C Powder, Organic Acerola Liquid C, Viridikid Vitamin C Drops

The Viridian acerola cherry collection comprising Organic Acerola Cherry C Powder, Organic Acerola Liquid C, Viridikid Vitamin C Drops is a range of pure fruit sourced vitamin C, all certified organic and naturally rich in this essential nutrient. Delivering up to 30x more vitamin C than oranges, acerola cherry is a potent natural source, ideal to support normal immunity.


Viridian Acerola Vitamin C Range

Featuring acerola cherries which are grown ecologically in Brazil. Here, the ideal climate ensures the richest cherries and hand harvesting preserves the delicate fruit whilst maintaining a sustainable operation. The farm operates a program to give back to the community and support the local people. Once harvested the acerola cherries are freeze dried to lock in nutrients and ensure the highest possible vitamin C content.

Available in an easy to dissolve powder which is 100% acerola cherry or in liquid form which is combined with organic coconut glycerine and natural orange oil.

These organic food supplements are certified by the Soil Association.  The Viridian acerola cherry range is a delicious way to get a natural boost of vitamin C. Viridian’s new range of 100% organic vitamin C gets the most out of nature for your whole family.

Viridian supplements are available at your local independent health store. To find your nearest one, visit

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The information contained in this article is not intended to treat, diagnose or replace the advice of a health practitioner. Please consult a qualified health practitioner if you have a pre-existing health condition or are currently taking medication. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.


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