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Viridian Supports Wellbeing in the Fashion Industry

Friday February 14, 2020
Viridian Supports Wellbeing in the Fashion Industry

Photo caption: A model’s life - Viridian Nutrition’s Technical Educator Phil Beard discussing with a model how to boost immunity whilst travelling and the link with elderberry.


Ethical supplement company Viridian Nutrition joined the growing movement to support fashion model welfare during London Fashion Week season.


The family owned British food supplement company was at the Live Well, Be Well summit, at the Corinthia Hotel, in London, an awareness event organised by Be Well Collective, a not-for-profit, set up to bring wellness within the fashion industry.


Founded by model and nutritionist Sarah Ann Macklin, Be Well Collective works to bring nutritional and mental health coaching to the fashion world using talks and workshops to reach out to models who are challenged by the day-to-day pressures of the sector.


Photo caption: Creating a model of health in the fashion industry - Viridian Nutrition’s Technical Educator (left) and Brand Ambassador Tom Welch (right), with Be Well Collective founder Sarah Ann Macklin.


The Viridian team was at the summit spreading the importance of nutrition and its link to skin health and overall mental wellbeing as well as offering one-to-one support to industry professionals.


Viridian Nutrition’s Technical Educator and Nutritionist Phil Beard, who attended the event, said: “At Viridian, we’ve seen over the last few years how the health and beauty worlds have merged with a bigger focus on self-care to achieve wellness.


"Today, thanks to organisations like the Be Well Collective, there is a more positive approach to ensuring greater and honest dialogue surrounding mental and physical wellbeing.


“For those in the fashion industry, achieving the right diet can be a big challenge due to the hectic schedule of early starts, late finishes, extensive travel and inadequate sleep, with the body impacted physically, emotionally and mentally. 


“A nutritional deficiency can lead to a range of health problems, including poor gut health, digestive problems, low energy levels and even increased levels of stress and anxiety. Understanding what nutrients are necessary for good health and where supplementation might support this is really important.


“This is why we are so keen to be involved in helping young people in the fashion industry to learn how to manage diet within their lifestyle. Exercise and sleep are also crucial but ultimately knowing how to control your diet can improve your ability to cope with challenges that come with the life of a model in today’s world, and to perform when you have little sleep or an ever-increasing busy schedule.”


Photo caption: Be Well Collective founder Sarah Ann Macklin addresses an audience.


The event, now in its third year, saw more than 300 guests consisting of models, fashion leaders, industry experts and health professionals and panelists. Be Well Collective is supported by the British Fashion Council.


Phil added: “The Be Well, Live Well summit is very much aligned to Viridian’s values – educating individuals and creating meaningful conversations about the importance of wellness from within using nutrition. Viridian is thrilled to join Be Well Collective at the summit and applaud the charity for spearheading a healthy change in the fashion industry.”


Be Well Collective founder Sarah Ann Macklin, said: "It was tremendous to have Viridian recognise and support the Be Well Collective for our London Fashion Week 2020 event. The importance of our sponsors having a direct impact on delivering evidence-based information to young models on the day is essential for us as a not-for-profit. Thank you Viridian, for providing that support and supporting us as a not-for profit."

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