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Viridian Values: Tread lightly on the Earth

Wednesday April 22, 2020
Viridian Values: Tread lightly on the Earth

At Viridian we’re great believers in the adage of reduce, reuse, recycle – and treat the Earth gently.

The name Viridian refers to the colour of the Earth when seen from space, so it should be no surprise that we are big fans of eco-champions like Sir David Attenborough. An interest in conservation is something we have in common with our friends in Health Food Stores around the world too – did you know that many lead the way in environmental causes? They all inspire us to try harder and do better. But what is the ‘Viridian difference’?

Recycled, Recyclable, Renewable, Re-usable: 

  • The dark amber glass we use for our jars and bottles shields the contents from heat or light and meanwhile can be recycled an almost limitless number of times without loss of quality. They don’t leach anything nasty into the environment, but they’re just too good to waste on landfill!
  • They make very handy keep-jars for nibbles, stationery odds and ends, or propagators for little people and their seedlings. Hot Tip: empty Coconut Oil jars are great to save leftovers, transport lunch, or present a craft-y gift.
  • The black metal lids on our jars are a recyclable aluminium, so no nasty microplastics to worry about – and the over-seal protecting the details on our paper labels is probably not what you think: it’s made from renewable corn-starch.
  • If you have purchased a Viridian item from a Health Food Store, they’ll refund you 25p for each Viridian bottle that you return to them – so if you’re in an apartment block without kerb-side recycling, your regular Health Food Store can make it worth your while to go green!

We think bigger, and go smaller:

Like our own Product Development team, materials scientists around the world are innovating all the time – so we’re vigilant for ways to learn and improve. 

For instance: when a Viridian team-member suggested reducing the size of the glass bottles to more closely match the content within, our founder and MD Cheryl Thallon absolutely agreed, saying “It just makes sense” - so, last year we went on an incredible shrinking journey. 

It has enabled us to reduce the size of over a third of our jars, resulting in a 12.5 tonne packaging reduction (and all the impact that has on carbon footprint). We really do ‘sweat the small stuff’ when it comes to going green.

There is more behind the scenes:

Our philosophy of having a minimum footprint on the earth goes deeper than our jars: 

  • Supplements shipped from our warehouse are sent using recyclable / re-usable cardboard packaging and protected with recycled paper padding.
    • Even the materials used to secure big palettes are recyclable – and the palettes are reusable and renewable.
  • Posters we share with our Health Food Store friends are printed on plain recycled paper - we refuse to laminate with plastic (and we love their support in this!). 
  • Banners, tables and stools we use at events are made from cardboard. 
  • Our lunch tables are made from recycled plastic.
  • The paper we print your delivery note on? We’ll let you guess*… 

It’s an imperfect world and unfortunately ensuring a completely sustainable chain is complicated for all suppliers, but at Viridian, we’re constantly striving to lessen our footprint on the environment. From the local businesses we choose to work with and the green electricity we use, to the environmental charities we support, and even how we entertain our guests, we're always on a journey: seeking ways to be kinder to the planet and be part of a sustainable future. 

*(you were right – recycled).



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