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Viridian’s Vegan Multivitamin aims to Close Nutritional Gap

Saturday January 1, 2022
Viridian’s Vegan Multivitamin aims to Close Nutritional Gap

This month Veganuary, the global pledge to try a plant-based diet for 31 days campaign hit a milestone - with 2million1 people officially signing up since the pledge was launched in 2014. With careful planning and nutritional support, making the transition to vegan can be easier and more enjoyable than you think. Find out more in the article.

If you have been inspired to follow a vegan diet, whether it’s full-time or part-time, a well-planned balanced plant-based diet can support your health. However, our modern lifestyles and soil depletion may mean we are not able to access the nutrients our body needs through dietary sources alone.

The good news is Viridian has developed Essential Vegan Multivitamin to close the nutritional gap in plant-based diets.

Within the UK , veganism is rapidly growing and becoming more accepted - the number of vegans in Great Britain quadrupled between 2014 and 2019. Figures show in 2014 there were 150,000 (or 0.25% of the population), whilst in 2019 the numbers soared to 600,000 (1.16% of the population)2. Globally, the Veganuary movement surpassed 2million within days of entering 2022, showing the increasing popularity in embracing the plant-based lifestyle.

Eating rich and varied plant-based foods is key, however, those following a non-animal sourced diet may benefit from additional nutritional support to avoid missing out on essential nutrients.

27 Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Made with vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians in mind, Viridian’s Essential Vegan Multi contains 27 essential vitamins and minerals, all from animal-free sources to provide the nutritional boost for a balanced plant-based diet.

Viridian’s Essential Vegan Multi is formulated to provide optimum utilisation by the body and developed in a pure wholefood base of spirulina, alfalfa and bilberry.

27 Essential Nutrients in one daily dose

In particular, Essential Vegan Multi includes high therapeutic levels of Vitamin B12 and iron to support normal energy levels and brain function, vegan-friendly Vitamins K2 and D3 for bone strength, and choline for healthy liver function.

The formulation also contains Biotin which contributes to healthy skin, hair and nails.


Closing the nutritional gap


Viridian Nutrition’s Director of Nutrition Aimee Benbow, said: “With growing popularity in those consuming a 100% plant-based diet, Viridian Nutrition has developed a multivitamin and mineral food supplement which provides a range of specific nutrients which are frequently reduced in those following a vegan diet.
“A strict vegan diet often requires supplementation with Vitamin B12, iron, choline, biotin and iodine which are all found at therapeutic levels in Viridian’s new Essential Vegan Multi.


“B vitamins and iron play an important role in energy production, therefore diets which are low or deficient in these nutrients often lead to fatigue and tiredness.


Viridian Essential Vegan Multi 

A complete formula in a vegan capsule


The Essential Vegan Multi is an easy one-a-day complete multivitamin and mineral formula in a vegan capsule. It is formulated to provide 100% active, quality ingredients and is non-animal tested and certified palm oil free.

Essential Vegan Multi is available as 7, 30 and 90 capsules from £5.35.

Find Viridian Nutrition at your specialist health food store:

Key Features:

  • Easy one-a-day complete multivitamin contained in a vegan capsule.
  • Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians
  • 100% active ingredients; no binders, fillers or additives
  • Gluten free
  • Never tested on animals, palm oil free, GMO free
  • Available in 7, 30 and 90 capsules



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The information contained in this article is not intended to treat, diagnose or replace the advice of a health practitioner. Please consult a qualified health practitioner if you have a pre-existing health condition or are currently taking medication. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.


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