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How to Stay Healthy When Travelling

Friday July 5, 2019

You’ve been planning the trip for months so the last thing you want is to fall sick whilst travelling.

When travelling abroad, your immune system can be compromised because of a number of factors: being exposed to a different environment, disruptive sleep and travelling in a confined space during prolonged periods of time during a journey.

Even your digestive system can suffer when adapting to unfamiliar or foreign foods.
When this happens, it upsets the normal function of our bowels and we may get symptoms like diarrhoea, abdominal cramps and bloating.

Fortunately, there are some supplements that can be helpful to take ahead of travel, one of the most popular is Vitamin B1, which is thought to help protect against insect bites.

Another is Saccharomyces boulardii (also one of the most studied probiotics). S. Boulardii was first discovered by French microbiologist, Henri Boulard in 1920 in the skin of lychee fruit when he noticed that the fruit skins were a traditional treatment for diarrhoea.

It has been used for the past 30 years for the prevention and treatment of digestive illness, caused by bad bacteria. It has also been used to prevent diarrhoea and digestive upset when travelling.


In one study a supplement of 250mg taken five days before travel and then every day while away significantly reduced risk of diarrhoea in tourists travelling to northern Africa, the Middle East and Far East.

The anti-infectious properties of S boulardii appear to be in part due to its ability to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria in the gut including Candida albicans, E. coli and parasites while improving the balance of good bacteria and the health of your gastrointestinal tissues.

It is heat-resistant so there is no need to refrigerate, making it the perfect digestive companion for holiday travel.


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