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REVIEW: Blogger Bit of the Good Stuff explains why Vegan EPA & DHA Oil is a winning product

Thursday December 7, 2017



Blogger Bit of the Good Stuff reviews Viridian Nutrition’s EPA & DHA Oil and Liquid Vitamin D3 Drops.  Author and parent Sharon writes a blog about her experiences on following a whole food plant-based lifestyle.


In her blog post she describes her challenge of sourcing high quality EPA/DHA and why Viridian Nutrition’s supplement is a winner for her.

To read the full blog, click here.


For more about Viridian's Vegan DHA & EPA Oil, click here


For more about Viridian's Liquid Vitamin D3 Drops, click here.


Here at Viridian Nutrition we are always thrilled when bloggers and vloggers review our products. We never pay for these reviews, but we do occasionally send out free samples for these independent reviewers, expert health and beauty journalists to try.


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