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REVIEW: Blogger Paper Mache Mind on B12 and ethics

Tuesday December 5, 2017




Blogger Paper Mache Mind reviews Viridian Nutrition’s High Potency Vitamin B12. Erin Grant follows a vegan lifestyle and believes it’s important to work in harmony with the planet.


In her blog post ‘Viridian Nutrition: Herbs and History,’ she explains why ethics matters and her reasons for choosing Viridian.


She outlines how her journey towards better health begins by speaking with her GP and then delving into the world of her local health food store  in Galway, Ireland.Evergreen Healthfoods


To read the full blog, click here.

For more about Viridian's High Potency Vitamin B12 supplement, click here


Here at Viridian Nutrition we are always thrilled when bloggers and vloggers review our products. We never pay for these reviews, but we do occasionally send out free samples for these independent reviewers, expert health and beauty journalists to try.


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