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This Mothering Sunday let’s honour the MHS – the Maternal Health Service

Sunday March 31, 2019
This Mothering Sunday let’s honour the MHS – the Maternal Health Service

Picture: Viridian founder Cheryl Thallon with mum, Beatrice, and daughter Holly 


Are you a mother of the ‘sandwich’ generation - caught in the middle between your teenagers and equally demanding aged parents? Life pulls out all the stops; you find your kids are going through puberty just as your parents are suffering with the ailments of old age.

Your son is going through acne (just as ‘looking good’ finally begins to bother him!). Your vegan daughter is struggling with exam stress. Meanwhile, Dad complains of indigestion and Mum’s burdened with joint pains. Many 40 to 60-year-olds have diaries full of doctor and hospital appointments for their kids and parents!

What happens when ‘Sandwich-Mum’ gets sick? You need looking after too, to help survive that big family-juggling act.

This Mothering Sunday, let’s give thanks and honour the unsung heroines of the MHS – the Maternal Health Service. Let the staff in your local health food store help carry your family’s health burden.

FYI, for your teenage son consider Clear Skin Complex capsules, for your daughter add High 12 B-Complex, for your dad try Digestive Aid, and for your mum purchase Joint Complex

Finally, treat yourself to Woman 40+ Multi capsules and Woman 40+ Omega Oil – goodness knows you deserve it!


Find your nearest health-store "Maternal Health Service": 


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