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Viridian Nutrition helps to show nature’s true colours

Friday August 31, 2018
Viridian Nutrition helps to show nature’s true colours

Leading ethical vitamin company Viridian Nutrition will be helping to show nature’s true colours by supporting a cruelty free art exhibition for the second year running.


A World Apart art exhibition will showcase the hidden gems and hideaways on the unspoilt waterways and marshlands of vegan artist David Dane home county of Norfolk. With a career spanning over 40 years, David is also known as the artist who took the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads to the world. 

During the 80s and 90s, David was one of the first Broads artists to have his work of local scenes transferred into print. These were published and marketed by a leading London company. Much to his surprise, thousands of images of his work were selling around the world, with such titles as ‘Romantic Mill’, ‘Dusk’ and ‘Dawn’. His interpretation of the Broadland scene became best sellers worldwide.

Viridian Nutrition’s founder, Cheryl Thallon said: “David’s creative talents reflect Viridian Nutrition’s core values of purity and environmentalism and we are delighted to sponsor his 2018 exhibition to help remind everyone to be kind to animals and take care of our fragile planet.”


Photo caption: Daybreak Hunsett Mill by vegan artist David Dane


David said: “As with much of the world, the Broads have changed a great deal, but sometimes it still seems like another world.  Moored on some distant river bank on a summer’s evening with the mist rising over the water, takes us to another place – perhaps a time to reflect on folk who have gone before and to absorb the haunting sounds of wading birds.

“It is so refreshing to be working with Viridian Nutrition, a company who I have a natural empathy and admiration for.  This is the 2nd year we have worked together, and I cannot think of a better match as Viridian’s ethics totally fit with mine.  We are against animal testing, passionate about protecting our environment along with its wildlife.  As an artist I only use art materials that are produced cruelty-free or without the use of any animal products and Viridians products are the same and only include natural ingredients, many of which are organic.”  

A World Apart will consist of a new and never seen before selection of original oil paintings and a carefully selected collection of high-class Giclée prints.


Photo caption: A Summer Day Upton by David Dane 


The exhibition will open every day from 24 November to 2 December, between 11am and 4pm, and be held at the ‘The Boathouse’, on the edge of Ormesby Broad, Norfolk. Admission is free.

About David Dane

With a career spanning over 40 years, David has remained faithful to the Norfolk landscape although there have been the occasional excursions to the west coast of Scotland, Cumbria, and even Holland and the River Rhine in Germany.

His annual exhibitions began in the early 70s and have continued up to the present day. It is now the only place to view the artist’s new work, as at present, he does not exhibit in any other gallery. In recent years, David’s paintings have developed a stronger mystical essence. 

He said: “The paintings in this exhibition are tinged with nostalgia and may have more than a little air of mystery to them.  I hope that my paintings will help you to find a world apart.” 

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