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Viridian scores top marks for ethical vitamins in The Good Shopping Guide

Friday December 21, 2018
Viridian scores top marks for ethical vitamins in The Good Shopping Guide

The Good Shopping Guide has named Viridian Nutrition a top-ranking company for ethical vitamins after scoring 100% for its practices.

Viridian has been re-awarded Ethical Accreditation following an ethical audit by The Ethical Company Organisation(ECO), retaining its Ethical Company Index score of 100.


The ECO’s ethical comparison site The Good Shopping Guide reveals the good, the bad, and the ugly of the world’s companies and brands, assisting consumers in choosing more eco-friendly, ethical products that support the growth of social responsibility and ethical business as well as a more sustainable, just society.


For the Vitamins Ethical Rankings, the ECO applied a range of ethical criteria to generate a final index score taking into consideration factors from environmental impact, organics and genetic modification to animal welfare and vegetarian/vegan ingredients. The research methodology used by ECO is now widely accepted as the benchmark for comparing companies' overall record for Corporate Responsibility.

The ECO’s Research & Editorial Director William Sankey, said: “Viridian Nutrition has dedicated itself since 1999 to ethical principles including purity, environment and community support. The range is non-GM, 100% active ingredients, clean label and certified organic where available. The company is against animal testing and features minimum packaging – all made from recycled or recyclable materials, from glass bottles to recycled cardboard shipping boxes.  Viridian also has a charity donation programme with the majority going towards children's charities and environmental charities.


“When it comes to choosing an ethical vitamin brand, we can thoroughly recommend Viridian Nutrition which receives top ratings across the board in our Ethical Rankings with regards to the environment, animals and people.” 

Founder and Managing Director Cheryl Thallon, said: “By shopping with care, people-power can change the way brands behave and the impact they have on the planet. We all have a duty to ask retailers and suppliers the difficult questions to ensure they do the right thing. This accreditation scheme independently verifies our ethical status and we’re pleased to be listed in the Good Shopping Guide.”


Though not part of the ECO criteria, Viridian Nutrition was recently the first vitamin company to receive the Palm Oil Free Certification trademark.


To read The Good Shopping Guide’s ethical vitamins report, visit:


To see full Vitamins Ethical Rankings table, visit:


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