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What to look for in a fish oil

Monday April 3, 2017
What to look for in a fish oil

Putrefied and whiffy or sweet and fresh… the realm of fish oil products is overwhelming and quite frankly perplexing.  How can products command such varied prices and standards for the golden elixir?

Fish oil is one of the most important dietary supplements due to its omega 3 essential fatty acid content, however the production methods, sourcing and quality of products are shrouded in controversy.  Recently a BBC TV program; Trust me I’m a Doctor revealed fish oil capsules that were rancid, highlighting the importance of choosing a quality product. But how do you pick the best? 

Mainstream fish oil production often using anchovies and other small oily fish that are harvested in Asian or South American waters required heavy processing.  The crude oil is refined and shipped to processing plants where it undergoes chemical enhancement, namely, de-acidification, bleaching and deodorising.  Transesterification and molecular concentration alter the nutrient profile to make the oil richer in omega 3 fatty acids, to which antioxidant compounds are added to produce the final product.  Unfortunately, rancidity can occur well before the antioxidants are added due to the shipping and processing of oils or later in the final product.

Choose Viridian Nutrition’s minimally processed, rancidity-free oil from certified organic Scandinavian Rainbow Trout. Our unique production process retains the natural structure of the oil and avoids oxidation, so it’s naturally stable and fresh. 

Also, keep in mind that omega 3 products come from ocean fish stocks which are under great environmental pressure, so an organic and sustainable, fresh water fish oil is a great choice.  To reach organic accreditation strict guidelines must be adhered to that ensures a clean, minimally processed, pure product that delivers essential fatty acids in their natural profile that is devoid of processing agents.

Here are 5-smart tips for buying fish oil for the savvy shopper:

1.       Soil Association accredited organic freshwater fish
2.       Minimal processing at source to ensure freshness
3.       Sustainably sourced
4.       Raised under green practices to ensure zero waste and minimal carbon footprint
5.       Full spectrum oil

Here at Viridian Nutrition, we choose to avoid added sugars, colourings or artificial flavourings making its products as clean and pure as they can be. Instead we prefer slow manufacture, allowing colour variations from batch-to-batch and season-to-season.

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Author: Jenny Hall is a Nutritional Practitioner and Technical Service Assistant at Viridian Nutrition. She holds a BSc honours degree in Nutritional Science.


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