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Why we love health food stores

Thursday July 4, 2019
Why we love health food stores

If you've ever examined a food label, worried about chemicals in your face cream or questioned the environmental impact of your washing up liquid - then, chances are, you will find plenty to interest you in a specialist health store.


Health food stores are more than places to buy your bran and vitamins, they have a wealth of knowledge on all things natural, ethical and environmental. As champions of holistic and sustainable healthy lifestyles, Independent health stores often work with local suppliers, reducing carbon footprints and supporting the local economy.


Discover the difference between the considerable benefits of shopping in independent health food stores rather than mass-market outlets. With thousands of different natural products to choose from, health stores are a one-stop shop for everything natural, ethical and environmental: wholefoods, organics, raw foods, allergy-free foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, sports nutrition, essential fatty acids, cruelty-free bodycare, environmental-friendly household cleaners, recycled paper products - some even stock eco-paints, organic clothing and vegetarian pet foods.





Health stores have staff who are qualified and/or experienced in helping with a wide range of health conditions including acne, allergies, children's health, digestion, energy, fatigue, hair, skin & nails, heart health, joint mobility, mood, menopause, men's health, mouth ulcers, PMS, sleep disorders, sports performance, urinary health, weight control, women's health & much more... 


Don't be embarrassed to talk about any health conern, they've heard it all before - and helped! Health food stores come in all shapes and sizes - that's the beauty of independent shops, they are quirky, passionate and individual. 



And if you need specific advice on supplements...  


Choosing the right supplement programme for your personal needs can be confusing. Allow Viridian to take you through the vitamin maze at a health store near you, where trained and knowledgeable advisors are on hand to develop the ideal programme of nutritional supplements just for you.


If you have a particular health condition or concern, please first visit a health professional (a GP or a qualified practitioner) to ensure you have correct diagnosis.


Often with chronic health conditions, the health food store will give excellent advice for dietary and lifestyle modifications, a supplement programme and possibly assistance from topical products.


There are more than 1,000 independent health stores across the UK and Ireland. To find your nearest Viridian stockist, visit 


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