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Shopping for Health - take the "road less travelled"

Monday March 23, 2020
Shopping for Health - take the "road less travelled"

Have you noticed how busy the internet is right now?! Like most businesses, we’ve noticed a real upsurge in the number of visitors to our website lately (welcome!). It is putting a lot of pressure on Royal Mail and courier services, too.

Internet traffic has increased hugely because of people suddenly having to working from home, shop online or use the web for entertainment and education. This can cause data snarl-ups, like finding roadworks on the M25 during rush-hour!

We know it can be frustrating when things go slow so we have a few tips to help you keep things moving:

Wait a little longer than you might normally: Your home internet service provider (ISP) will have much higher traffic than usual between home computers and websites you browse. Be prepared to wait longer than usual for websites to respond, and refresh your browser more frequently.  (You can do this using the ‘recycle’ button in your Browser menu bar, or by pressing F5 on your keyboard).


Go off peak: Try picking a time ‘outside of rush hour’. While everyone else is showering, or eating dinner, they’re not doing their shopping!


Plan a bit further ahead: The other thing you’ll notice is delivery times being a bit longer. Royal Mail and many other couriers are promising ‘best efforts’, but the number of parcels is exceptional, and the conditions of delivering them are undreamt of. This is not just a problem for people at home of course – the shops working to keep us fed are waiting for deliveries, too.

At Viridian, we appreciate everyone is doing their best – so we can’t make delivery promises right now. If a parcel is a little slower to arrive than usual, please accept our apologies and don’t be angry with the delivery person (we all need a bit of TLC right now!)


Restart If online shopping is painfully slow or just not working try re-starting your computer to ‘trick’ a new network connection out of your ISP.


Try the mobile network. Rather than use your PC, try switching to a mobile phone (not on wifi) which will use the mobile data network – or vice versa. The knack is to detour around those data roadworks, to find the ‘road less travelled’!


Go local: At Viridian we love health stores because they help us all eat well, find support for restrictive diets, get fit and support our mental health - all while shopping sustainably!


The government has designated Health Food stores as essential in this crisis so they could be a great option to find the products you’re looking for. Check for your nearest store and give them a call:


Our friends in Health Food stores are working flat out to support their communities but you might find opening hours have reduced, or some services have been changed. So in these exceptional times, you may need to check before visiting.


At Viridian we’re still here to support your health until global normality is restored. We know many people are new visitors, so we’ve put together a useful guide to help you find your way around our online service. Click the links below to find out more about:


Searching and Ordering
Product Information
Online customer accounts 
General enquiries

Problem solving
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