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Part 2: The Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham interview by Ethical Hedonist with Viridian Nutrition

Wednesday May 22, 2019
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In part 2 of the interview with sustainable living magazine Ethical Hedonist, Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham discusses: Maca, Rhodiola and Milk Thistle.


The magazine’s editor-in-chief Alison Jane Reid questions him on the importance of provenance and why Mother Nature’s remedies has a place today.


Educator, author and botanical expert Chris – who has been described as ‘part David Attenborough and part Indiana Jones’ - has been at the forefront of medicinal plant research.


Viridian Nutrition’s Head Nutritionist Aimée Benbow joins the conversation by sharing the clinical studies behind these botanicals.


To read the interview, visit:


This interview was filmed while Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter, was in the UK presenting at a Viridian Nutrition professional lecture tour, training specialist health food stores on the provenance of botanical ingredients.


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