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VIDEO: Stories behind the ingredients - Wild Angelica herb

Sunday October 20, 2019
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Where does Angelica come from? Iceland is home to one of the oldest botanicals in the world – wild Angelica (Angelica archangelica). Held in high esteem by its natives, its story has been written in many Icelandic historical texts. Iceland is also the source of the key ingredient in Viridian Nutrition’s Organic Icelandic Angelica Leaf Extract. Viridian Nutrition’s Technical Director Aimée Benbow and Communications Manager Lei Chan travelled to Iceland to explore the provenance behind the fascinating botanical.  


Organic Angelica imageWild Organic Angelica archangelica in Iceland 

With its distinct cluster of yellowish-white flowers, the Angelica archangelica herb is one of few botanicals that has survived through the centuries, in Iceland, and can be described as a ‘wild architectural beauty.’  

The herb is also the key ingredient in Viridian Nutrition’s Organic Icelandic Angelica Leaf Extract supplement. The Angelica leaf extract is formulated alongside pumpkin seed extract which contributes to the maintenance of good bladder function and urinary flow. Devised by experts at Viridian, this plant-based palm-oil free nutritional supplement is certified organic by the Soil Association.  

But what do we know about this wild majestic looking herb?

The organic Angelica archangelica, set against Iceland’s commanding mountains, owes its stately presence to its thick strong fluted stems, bright green aromatic leaves and ability to grow to an impressive height of up to six feet.


Hrisey Island 

Found favouring the cooler climates of northern Europe, this hardy botanical is deeply rooted in Iceland’s history. Iceland’s founding fathers held this potent plant in high esteem and used it for various medicinal purposes. Today, modern science continues to research the benefits of this herb.


Angelica Leaf Extract by Viridian Nutrition 


The Wild Angelica, used in Viridian Nutrition’s Organic Icelandic Leaf Extract, is sourced from an organic certified island called Hrísey, off the north coast of Iceland - on the edge of the Arctic Circle. This organic approach to farming along with the Icelandic climate helps to create the soil structure and naturally fertile soil conditions enabling the Angelica to thrive. It’s also a crucial factor to the purity of the Wild Angelica – purity of ingredients in nutritional supplements is fundamental to Viridian. 

The boat to Hrisey
The organic island Hrísey, where Angelica is sourced, is accessible by ferry from mainland Iceland.  

During the short summer (when ‘night’ loses its meaning to islanders) the herb is bathed in perpetual sunlight around the clock. The peak harvest window is six weeks from the middle of June to August. In fact, the act of harvesting is a natural way to control the growth of the botanical. Locals on the sparsely populated island hand cut the herb, taking only the younger plants. The mature ones remain in the ground to ensure regrowth – part of the sustainability measures by the farmers.


Meet the Iceland teamTechnical Director Aimee Benbow and Communications Manager Lei Chan with the growers in Iceland. 

We travelled across Iceland’s unspoilt landscape to Hírsey to witness the wild Angelica archangelica first-hand – and it’s understandable why the botanical flourishes in its surroundings. We have nature to thank for this. 


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