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The importance of "filler-free" supplements.

Tuesday September 3, 2013 | 10:29 AM words: 262

Beauty blogger 'Spoilt Face' explains how important it is to choose food supplements (vitamins, minerals, herbs and so on) that are free from fillers.

"I was first introduced to Viridian last summer, by a nutritionist. I needed gluten free vitamin supplement for while I was pregnant, and Viridian are one of very few companies that don’t use nasty fillers in their supplements.

"This means that they are suitable for people who are often sensitive to supplements. The fact that Viridian supplements are made without fillers also means that your body recognises them as food and so absorbs and distributes the actives, rather than ejecting them along with the fillers it identifies as waste.

"Getting rid of fillers in your supplements is like getting rid of mineral oil in your moisturiser. Both mineral oil and fillers have no active benefit. More actives makes a more effective supplement.

"There is no value for money in a supplement packed with nasty fillers, because your body will work to get rid of as much as it can, rather than absorbing it into the blood stream."

Read the full review here.
Fillers and other additives in food supplements include magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, talc, shellac and more. Check the label of your current vitamins and compare them to the products from Viridian Nutrition. Viridian Nutrition is dedicated to Purity, the Environment and the Community.
The Viridian Nutrition award-winning range of 180+ nutritional supplements is available from specialist health food stores.