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Clear Skin Collection  - Archive

Clear Skin Collection - Archive

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Capsules Oil and Cookbook£56.68


Clear Skin Collection comprises of three items:

  • Clear Skin Complex
  • Organic Clear Skin Omega Oil
  • Clear Skin Cookbook by Dale Pinnock

Clear Skin Complex:
A specifically formulated blend of targeted minerals, botanicals and fat-soluble carotenoids in a base of probiotics, Clear Skin Complex Veg Caps offers hope to those looking for a clear, fresh-looking skin. Take alongside 100% Organic Clear Skin Omega Oil for optimum skin results. Inspired by the 'Clear Skin Cookbook' written by The Medicinal Chef, Dale Pinnock.

100% Organic Clear Skin Omega Oil:
There are numerous research papers indicating the use of nutrition in skin health and consistent through this research are three factors: Inflammation, Free radical damage and Digestion.Organic Clear Skin Omega Oil provides a reliable source of omegas 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids. Dominant in omega 3, this oil also contains a range of fat soluble antioxidants including vitamin E and carotenoids plus phytosterols and flavonoids. The synergistic oils included in this blend offer a wide range of sympathetic activities which complement and endorse the actions and applications of each individual oil. Certified organic by the Soil Association. First cold pressed and packaged under a nitrogen blanket to maintain shelf-life. Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 6 weeks.Take alongside Clear Skin Complex Veg Caps which offers digestive support, further fat soluble antioxidants and sympathetic botanicals.

Clear Skin Cookbook:
A follow up to Medicinal Cookery, The Clear Skin Cookbook focuses on our largest organ, and how changing our diet can dramatically improve our skin.Having struggled with poor skin himself, Dale Pinnock can empathise with thousands of teenagers and adults around the UK who suffer with skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis. As the UK’s first Medicinal Chef, he explains how what we eat affects our skin, offering tasty and healthy solutions to improve its condition, leaving you glowing with radiance.
In Pinnock’s varied and inspiring guide to healthy eating, readers can enjoy food bursting with flavour and taste and simultaneously enjoy the benefits. These simple and delicious recipes are packed with the vital vitamins and minerals that we all need to maintain healthy skin. Eating a healthy balanced diet and taking inspiration from his cookbook can help combat the most persistent skin conditions.

With mouth-watering recipes for breakfasts, soups, starters, main dishes, deserts and snacks, The Clear Skin Cookbook will be your key to a healthy living that will leave you feeling fresh-faced and hungry for more.

The Clear Skin Cookbook is the inspiration behind two supplements from vitamin experts Viridian Nutrition. Clear Skin Complex and Organic Clear Skin Omega Oil are rich in the nutrients and botanicals supportive of the underlying health of blemish-free skin.
About the author:
Dale Pinnock is frequently sought out by the UK media for his detailed in-depth knowledge of the fields of Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Phytonutrients. He is trained and qualified in both Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, which he studied at the University of Westminster. Cooking from the tender age of four, Dale is now studying for an MSc in Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey. He is a regular on both national and regional radio stations, giving in-depth interviews and taking listener questions. He regularly appears in magazines, alongside appearances on radio and TV including The Alan Titchmarsh Show. He currently has a weekly nutrition column in LOOK magazine.


Two food supplements plus a Cookbook.
Ingredient Weight %EC NRV
Natural Beta-carotene/carotenoid complex 
Clear Skin Capsules 60's
Directions: As a food supplement, take two capsules daily
with food, or as directed by your healthcare professional.
Synbiotic Daily blend of good bacteria: 1.5 billion
Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1
Bifidobacterium breve ATCC 15700
Bifidobacterium infantis ATCC 15697

Bifidobacterium longum ATCC15707

(guaranteed at time of manufacture) 

Lutein Extract (5% Lutein)

(Providing 5mg of Lutein and 300ug of Zeaxanthin) 

Burdock Root 100mg
Gotu Kola  100mg

Natural Beta-carotene/carotenoid complex

(as Dunaliela salina algae) 

(Equiv. to Vitamin A 833ug) 

Zinc (Citrate) 15mg

Astaxanthin Extract (5% Astaxanthin)

(Providing 1mg of Astaxanthin) 

Selenium (Methionine) 75ug

Lycopene Extract (5% Lycopene)

(Providing 300ug of Lycopene) 

in a base of spirulina and alfalfa.
100% Organic Clear Skin Oil  200ml
Directions: As a food supplement, take two or three teaspoons with food,
or as directed by your healthcare professional.
This highly nutritious oil can be added to fruit or vegetable smoothies, salad
dressings, dips, soups or as a condiment drizzled onto vegetables, pasta, rice,
potatoes etc... or just taken from the spoon.
Approx 40 teaspoons per 200ml bottle.
Each 5ml teaspoon typically provides:
Organic flax seed oil 79%
Organic perilla seed oil 7%
Organic avocado oil 4%
Organic pumpkin seed oil 3%
Organic argan oil 2%
Organic rosehip seed oil 2%
Organic pomegranate seed oil 1%
Organic seabuckthorn oil 1%
Organic blackcurrant seed oil 0.5%
Organic elderberry seed oil 0.5%
Alpha linolenic acid (Omega 3) 50%
Linoleic acid (Omega 6) 18%
Palmitoleic acid (Omega 7) 0.65%
Oleic acid (Omega 9) 18%
A reliable source of omegas 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids. Contains a broad
range of fat-soluble antioxidants including tocopherols and tocotrienols (vitamin
E) and carotenoids including lutein, plus phytosterols and flavonoids. Essential
fatty acids are required for the health and maintenance of cellular integrity and
membrane fluidity. Take daily alongside Clear Skin Complex Veg Caps.


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