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Flu Fighters by Patrick Holford

Flu Fighters by Patrick Holford

PH03Patrick Holford£9.99


"If you want to know what you, and your body, and your supplements, and your diet can all do to fight flu, this is the book for you" (Andrew Saul PhD)

Author Patrick Holford asks the million dollar question: "Why do some people get really sick, even die from flu, while others don’t?

Colds and flu are viral diseases that a healthy immune system should be able to fight off with natural immunity. But what is a healthy immune system and how can you promote your own immune power with diet and nutrients?"

Flu Fighters discusses immunity and options to support our health:

"This book explains:

  • How viruses work and where are their weaknesses?
  • Why animals that make vitamin C rarely succumb to flu or colds.
  • The truth about vitamin C and how to use it when you’re infected.
  • How black elderberry blocks viral replication.
  • Why vitamin D levels crash in winter to make us more susceptible.
  • Other critical immune support nutrients from selenium to zinc.
  • How intravenous vitamin C saves lives in those with respiratory distress.

You’ll also discover how to restore and maintain a healthy immune system when not infected, complete with recipes for foods and drinks, and what to eat, drink and supplement when you are under attack to shorten duration and severity of colds and flu."

Patrick Holford is founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and author of The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing (with Jerome Burne); Boost Your Immune System (with Jennifer Meek) and Improve Your Digestion.


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BOOK REVIEW: Flu Fighters

Patrick Holford invites us to take charge of our own health by understanding at a deeper level how our immune system responds.

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