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Synerbio 40+

Synerbio 40+

046260 Caps£24.30


Vegan, Kosher

Synerbio 40+ is a high strength daily digestive support formulation specifically for adults aged over 40. Providing a multi-strain blend of good bacteria with extra support from aloe vera inner leaf juice extract to help maintain normal blood sugar levels.

The human gut is home to an immense population of bacteria estimated at 39 trillion microbial cells that include bacteria, viruses and fungi. Because of the sheer size and importance of the gut bacteria, this microbial population can be viewed as a bacterial organ, about the size of your liver and just as important. The unique Prebiotic FS2-60 offers full-spectrum prebiotic fructo oligosaccharide and plant-derived inulin. FS2-60 is not digested but is utilised by the friendly flora to increase colonisation of Lactobacilli and the Bifidobacteria whilst reducing the foothold of unfriendly species. 

Contains 100% active ingredients formulated by expert nutritionists with no artificial fillers and no nasties. Sourced according to Viridian’s strict ethical criteria including no animal testing, GMO or palm oil.

Key Features:

  • For adults aged 40 and over
  • Multi strain good bacteria for daily support
  • Contains the equivalent to 10g of Aloe vera inner leaf juice in every capsule
  • Promotes the colonisation of beneficial bacteria


Directions: As a food supplement, take one capsule daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


One capsule provides:

Ingredient Weight %EC NRV
Total viable good bacteria count: 3 billion CFU
Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1
Bifidobacterium breve PBS 077
Bifidobacterium infantis B1 072
Bifidobacterium longum BLG 240
(Guaranteed at time of manufactured)
Aloe Vera extract 200:1 50mg
(Equivalent to 10 grams of whole fresh leaf)
Prebiotic FS2-60* 290mg
*Full spectrum prebiotic  oligosaccharide and plant-derived inulin 


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