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The Menopause Journal by Aimee Benbow

The Menopause Journal by Aimee Benbow

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The Menopause Journal is the essential guide to track, target and thrive during your menopause.

No-one knows what your menopause feels like – only you. Yet, when it comes to getting the right support, it can be difficult to communicate exactly how you feel and what you want. Well, get ready to take control of your menopause and find the solutions you need and deserve by precisely understanding and communicating your unique experience.

This practical 90-day tool will help you identify and understand your symptoms, track the impact of your diet and lifestyle, avoid wasteful treatments, and get results! This book includes an informative chapter on menopausal symptoms and their causes, dietary advice and lifestyle tips, followed by a journal space to track and target your specific symptoms. With daily journalling, you will get to grips with your physical and emotional symptoms, understand how your diet and lifestyle choices impact on your symptoms and be prepared for appointments with doctors and nutritionists. This will ensure you get the right advice to pin down a daily routine and experience your menopause, your way.

Written by Nutritionist, Aimée Benbow (BSc, MSc, ANutr) and featuring a foreword by GP Dr Siobhan Brennan, along with fitness tips and exercises from a fitness coach, The Menopause Journal is a complete support tool for all stages of the menopause.

“The Menopause Journal allows you to get the most out of a consultation with any health professional. Keeping a journal helps you truly understand how you feel now, but also, to reflect on how far you have come in dealing with the challenges you face.”  
Dr Siobhan Brennan GP

"This Journal has it all, goal setting, nutrition and lifestyle tips, motivational quotes, amongst other golden gems" Michelle Griffith Robinson

Key Features

  • Suitable for perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause 

  • 90-day journal space for tracking progress

  • Bespoke support plan record

  • 28-day journal space for tracking symptoms

  • Researched and fully referenced

  • Information on supporting foods and nutrients, helpful fitness and wellbeing exercises


306 pages

ISBN: 978-1739137809


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